I'm on the cusp of building about 3 totally different modern decks, so want to capture my thoughts somewhere -, I choose you! A little thread to attempt to figure out decisions.

The decks in the discussion right now are:
- UR Phoenix, or possibly just mono-R Phoenix
- Bant Spirits
- Abzan Company

Phoenix decks look really fun right now. I'm a little wary of being stonewalled by Bant Spirits, but otherwise I think this deck seems like a more midrangey version of Burn that can go for a longer gameplan. Also destroys Tron, which is a matchup I hate losing to after >1 year of GBx.

Spirits looks to be the new flavour of the month (or maybe just behind? Bird site makes it seem like Amulet Titan is picking up, but this might be exaggerated). Popularity aside, this seems to be the best way to go in pursuit of 'fair' Magic in Modern. The only pieces I currently have in paper are the more expensive core bits, the Spirits themselves aren't really played outside of this deck which worries me a bit.

Abzan Company is a very fringe deck, I'm only considering it because a local Bant Company player recommended it to me when I asked him what CoCo deck I should try. Whilst I like the idea of just being able to combo people out of the game, I'm not sure I like the specific midrange suite that the deck has to offer when not comboing. Has anyone seen some good lists for this deck?

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