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Oops I accidentally bought half the cards for it.

@Ice_In_Disguise Did I stutter? :P No, it's an interesting looking list with some odd cards. Plague Stinger is a Horror, which is cute against Thing in the Ice.

Does anyone have experience with/against BG Infect in Modern? Tempted by it as I'm used to BGx decks, this looks quite different though and I'm a fan of having a more linear game plan, but I like thoughtseizing people too much :P

WAR rumor, unsubstantiated 

@SliverQueen It's looking like the Tibalt set.

This week's FNM I'll be returning to Dark Sphere in London to catch up with some of my older Magic friends - I'm looking to move back to London soonish so good to get back to seeing familiar faces.

(Also secretly hoping Autumn shows up)

Also still on bird site, I have far less issues with them

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So today is the first day of me having disabled my Facebook account. Just way too much garbage in the news lately, which isn't a change tbh but enough is enough. Gonna try to use mastodon more :) Not just for MTG stuff, but also that!

@SliverQueen I'm chatting with a friend right now who's friend went to uni with Autumn. 4 degrees of separation with a pro 😍 And obvs they're just amazing

Not playing much lately but oh man this top 8 makes me too happy. Gotta root for Autumn!

WotC has just confirmed that MagicFest London is happening the same weekend as War of the Spark pre-release. Ugh. Why make players choose? I don't see what problem WotC is trying to solve by scheduling things like this. Don't even get me started on the impact this has on LGS's, London-based or not.

Scryfall folks - best filter for a new DM to get inspiration for a rogue simic abomination? 😀

Just did a scrabble of cards-I-own for UR phoenix.

Good news: Only 12 cards I need to acquire.

Bad news: 4 of those are Scalding Tarns YIKES

Think I'm gonna go for Izzet Phoenix. Spending too long playing fair magic, time to bolt some folks! OK, there are far more broken things I could be doing but the durdle days are over :D

Will aim to proxy up the deck tonight & give it some practice games on draft weekend.

Abzan Company is a very fringe deck, I'm only considering it because a local Bant Company player recommended it to me when I asked him what CoCo deck I should try. Whilst I like the idea of just being able to combo people out of the game, I'm not sure I like the specific midrange suite that the deck has to offer when not comboing. Has anyone seen some good lists for this deck?

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Spirits looks to be the new flavour of the month (or maybe just behind? Bird site makes it seem like Amulet Titan is picking up, but this might be exaggerated). Popularity aside, this seems to be the best way to go in pursuit of 'fair' Magic in Modern. The only pieces I currently have in paper are the more expensive core bits, the Spirits themselves aren't really played outside of this deck which worries me a bit.

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Phoenix decks look really fun right now. I'm a little wary of being stonewalled by Bant Spirits, but otherwise I think this deck seems like a more midrangey version of Burn that can go for a longer gameplan. Also destroys Tron, which is a matchup I hate losing to after >1 year of GBx.

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The decks in the discussion right now are:
- UR Phoenix, or possibly just mono-R Phoenix
- Bant Spirits
- Abzan Company

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I'm on the cusp of building about 3 totally different modern decks, so want to capture my thoughts somewhere -, I choose you! A little thread to attempt to figure out decisions.

@0x1C3B00DA The deal is we get to make cool sounding numeronysms that don't at all reflect the values of the word they're meant to be capturing. "a11y" is a big pet dislike of mine.


@DialMforMara I'm glad they didn't ban Ancient Stirrings. I think people comparing it to Ponder & Preordain are just wrong. Ancient Stirrings has deckbuilding constraints, no matter how trivial, whereas P&P just require you to have blue mana sources.

Banning Ironworks itself shows that WotC really does not want >10 minutes of nondeterministic looping to be the future of modern.

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