Hey folks, some life advice for you: don't get into the ARPG Path of Exile whilst thinking of getting into a deck that uses Path to Exile. It's confusing :(

Also traded for an Amulet of Vigor, I think I'm gonna try to trade into Amulet Titan somehow. Looks like a fun deck, if complex!

Somehow am 3-1 at modern FNM 3 weeks in a row after months of mediocrity! Highlight tonight was Dark Confidant revealing 4 lands vs UW Control *chef's kiss*

@Ice_In_Disguise I need to start a binder of "reasons magic on mobile isn't straightforward" - this would easily be the cover!

And for a magic toot, I'm excited about MF London in 2 weeks! Only showing up for the Friday to trade some nice foils no one wants to vendors (Search for Azcanta & Koth of the Hammer) and to do some side events.

Stupid work crap I don't want to use birdsite for Show more

The GAM Podcast's latest episode is a monolith of an intro to Amulet Titan and honestly it sounds like a fun deck. Missing a lot of stuff for it though, and it's not cheap (says the man with a Tireless Tracker avatar for his GBx shenanigans)

I've not been playing any Standard lately, but I just saw this list and might see if I can scrabble it together on Arena. Burn + value is always sweet. article.hareruyamtg.com/articl

Oops I accidentally bought half the cards for it.

@Ice_In_Disguise Did I stutter? :P No, it's an interesting looking list with some odd cards. Plague Stinger is a Horror, which is cute against Thing in the Ice.

Does anyone have experience with/against BG Infect in Modern? Tempted by it as I'm used to BGx decks, this looks quite different though and I'm a fan of having a more linear game plan, but I like thoughtseizing people too much :P

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This week's FNM I'll be returning to Dark Sphere in London to catch up with some of my older Magic friends - I'm looking to move back to London soonish so good to get back to seeing familiar faces.

(Also secretly hoping Autumn shows up)

Also still on bird site, I have far less issues with them

So today is the first day of me having disabled my Facebook account. Just way too much garbage in the news lately, which isn't a change tbh but enough is enough. Gonna try to use mastodon more :) Not just for MTG stuff, but also that!

@SliverQueen I'm chatting with a friend right now who's friend went to uni with Autumn. 4 degrees of separation with a pro 😍 And obvs they're just amazing

Not playing much lately but oh man this top 8 makes me too happy. Gotta root for Autumn! twitch.tv/magic

WotC has just confirmed that MagicFest London is happening the same weekend as War of the Spark pre-release. Ugh. Why make players choose? I don't see what problem WotC is trying to solve by scheduling things like this. Don't even get me started on the impact this has on LGS's, London-based or not.

Scryfall folks - best filter for a new DM to get inspiration for a rogue simic abomination? 😀

Just did a scrabble of cards-I-own for UR phoenix.

Good news: Only 12 cards I need to acquire.

Bad news: 4 of those are Scalding Tarns YIKES

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