MagicFest Birmingham was sweet! Didn't do too great at main event, was 2-1 and then I lost my deck! Luckily someone turned it in and I got to continue playing without missing a match, ended up 3-3 but I'm just thankful I still have it.

Did some trade-ins on Sunday and got my ROE [[Inquisition of Kozilek]]s signed, as well as finally upgrading to Lorwyn Thoughtseizes.

Got some ideas on what to build next, Soulherder is very tempting after a fun sealed event.

@DialMforMara I'm good, busy prepping for MagicFest Birmingham this weekend (aka channeling my Leyline luck) & picked the worst timing to get glued to a new game (Return of Obra Dinn) - format is a cool one though, might have to see if others want to xmage it.

The Website is talking about Hogaak again (when isn't it?).

My take: It definitely does not belong in the format. That said, I believe there are 2 Grand Prixs coming in the next two weeks and banning Hogaak will cause a massive meta shake-up.

As the guy who likes to play fair in a format that doesn't, I'll be glad to see Hogaak go but I want it done at a suitable time, not when the rug is pulled under literally hundreds of competitors.

@Ice_In_Disguise Yeah, that and Dreadhorde Arcanist. Also played Restore Balance and Ancestral Visions. I think I might have have gotten a 4-0 if I thoughtseized correctly, I let them keep a restore balance when they had a suspended Greater Gardadon :(

Weird deck, will do better next time (also piloted by one of the best players in the store who's usually on bant midrange)

3-1 - lost only to a very cool [[Crashing Footfalls]] homebrew. Need to figure out a gameplan vs that as there's a lot going on.

Finally made the switch last night and tore apart my GB Modern list to convert it into Jund for tonight's FNM.

Let's go [[Bloodbraid Elf]]!

@floi I still get terrified when i cast a duplicate planeswalker and it asks which I want to keep...

"Hey, my autoscrolling video carousel isn't working exactly how I think it should"


Stop it. Bad content.

@ishara @mycroft Ah of course, very niche but fair. Don't know anyone who uses those but again haven't seen many 4c decks anyway so that's probably why.

@mycroft Any idea what the four colour combos are based on? I'm good on all the guilds, shards and wedges but no clue on 4c stuff as they're so rare.

@mycroft I haven't listened to it in a while but Good Luck High Five should fit the bill - general 'community news' podcast hosted by Maria Bartholdi and Meghan Wolff. Also The Vorthos Cast sounds cool and I'm gonna try it myself - meant to be a really good lore podcast.

Other than that every magic podcast I listen to seems to be for spikes :D

@mycroft Thanks! Will give this a shot once I'm back from work.

I've finished reviewing my notes - will post somewhere later/tomorrow if there's interest :) Generally a fair bit of improvement.

tl;dr Experience is a great teacher, but oftentimes their partner-in-crime Deliberate Practice is needed. Both of these are caveated by wanting to figure out where I wanna go.

tl;dr-your-tl;dr Figure out where I wanna go, then get there.

Thinking where is best to do a 'review' of my 'Fearless MTG Inventory'* I posted here ages ago.

I could just do it here but it's probably gonna be a longer thread and I don't wanna annoy people - it should just show up as the toplevel post, right? I forget (again, I should toot more).

*inspired by Patrick Chapin, article talking about the idea here

Another FNM, another misplay out of 4-0 :( That said, first time playing against affinity and 2-0ed it, scary deck. Collector Ouphe is scarier :)

@DialMforMara Having another Standard format is just generally a good idea. As someone who doesn't play Standard currently but occasionally drafts it's good to have something to do with my standard collection other than just trade.

I mean, I don't have a Brawl deck right now, but it looks easy to get into if I wanted.

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