Has anyone got any decklists etc for Mono-Red Cavalcade in standard/future standard?

@wrathofanima I played the calvade deck published in this article and it was fun even though I didn't win very often. is a good place to check out various decklists - you can also see their winrates and such.

@ishara That list looks a bit clunky in places - not sure I agree with Electrostatic Field, I've been liking Burning Prophet as a 2 drop to help with draw control + keeps the 'prowess'ishness of Field.

With the preview of Torbran ( I'm debating doing it as a slower Big Red deck, possibly with more defensive creatures. Would have to do some digging to work out how that actually looks though!

@wrathofanima it's a super clunky deck. It felt awful to draw the walls since they didn't do much against other decks, including the mirror.

Torbran *does* look really cool.

@ishara Just saw a list which is very 1 drop centric, particularly Tin Street Dodger and top-meme-but-maybe-just-good Gingerbrute! Hasty threats with inbuilt unblockability might be what the deck is after.

@wrathofanima I’ve been thinking about putting it in Goblins once the lords rotate

@DialMforMara Not sure if you've seen Torbran but he's pushing me back into Cavalcade (I'm a little hesitant around the deck because it sounds cool until your opponent plays a 3/4 or better)

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