It's payday, and instead of going out to eat for lunch, I decided to challenge myself to buying a WAR pack and building an Oathbreaker deck around whatever planeswalker was inside.

The winner is: Narset, Parter of Veils. Well. Need to drop a couple bucks on a mean signature spell like Windfall, Timetwister, or Day's Undoing.

oh gosh Timetwister has a comma in the price, I missed that, that's going off the table

@mycroft I missed this earlier but yeah 😬 There is this in MH1 though if cast with flashback this is basically a self-exiling Timetwister

@wrathofanima Yeah I just quickly looked at prices at cards and saw it started with $2 and went on, not realizing it was $2,xxx not $2.xx XD

Per the rules of Oathbreaker though, Flashback doesn't work in a Signature Spell. After it's cast, it must go back to the Command Zone, and is not allowed to hit the yard, bounce to hand, or slip into library.


@mycroft Ah true. I guess it can be run in the deck - Day's Undoing is probably the signature spell. Or maybe Vision Skeins if you want to skimp a mana? Weak compared to a wheel but more consistent as a signature.

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