London Mulligan rule is coming into effect on the release of Magic 2020 (July 12th). Looking forwards to less non-games of magic!

Bit wary of stuff like Allosaurus Riders combo in Modern breaking out again but really the DCI should just ban it. What sort of Magic does the Neoform deck invite? Nonsense. Just ban it please 🙄

("It" being the free 7 drop ofc, Neoform itself is fine for modern)

@wrathofanima That's exciting! I've recently been imagining the London Mulligan when looking at my opening hands lately. It adds a bit more thinking to the process, but I'm pretty happy with how it'll roll out - especially as a Limited player.

@ishara It'll definitely help in limited! So many times a vancouver mulligan will remind you just how duct-taped together your draft deck is.

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