Doing my first big modern event tomorrow! Biggest I normally do is side events at Magic Fests. List below, it's scary that I did this mostly from memory 😛 Also pulled together a Izzet Phoenix list for a friend who'll be driving us there.

I did terrible woooooo. That said, said friend who played last-minute-Izzet-Phoenix-with-a-dodgy-manabase absolutely smashed it, considering no practice with the deck, got 5-3 for 9 boosters.

Based off that, I caved and bought Scalding Tarns (RIP my wallet) and am gonna give the deck another go, I've fancied a change in deck for a little while so could be fun!

Also went 3-1 in the loser-bracket side event in the afternoon, losing only to Ad Nauseum in a close match.

@Ice_In_Disguise It was this one it wasn't big per-se when I got there, I think it was 140 player or so? At least capacity wise. Top 8 gets a crate of WAR and top prize gets a free GP + travel/accom.

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