Also not sure on FNM plans tonight, Modern with no one I know really or Draft/Standard with people I do. I just want to bolt people!

h0lydiva on twitch is making me want to play Kiln Fiends again...

MTG Arena code alert! Redeem 'OneBillion' to get a War of the Spark booster pack. This is to celebrate one billion games being played! :pridewalker:

Really was tempted to pre-order a box of horizons but I simply cannot justify it - my collection is a complete mess, so saving some cash and pre-ordering the equivalent of what I'd spend on half a box on some value rares.

Getting myself:
2x Nurturing Peatland
2x Plague Engineer
1x Collector Ouphe
(I'm out of GB for now, but will want these when I return!)
2x Fiery Islet
(New deck, new format staple lands)
4x Giver of Runes
(I don't know where, but I know they'll see play and were cheap!)

("It" being the free 7 drop ofc, Neoform itself is fine for modern)

Bit wary of stuff like Allosaurus Riders combo in Modern breaking out again but really the DCI should just ban it. What sort of Magic does the Neoform deck invite? Nonsense. Just ban it please 🙄

London Mulligan rule is coming into effect on the release of Magic 2020 (July 12th). Looking forwards to less non-games of magic!

Gonna shake things up for a bit in my Modern FNMs.

Primary deck: Izzet Phoenix
Fun shenanigans: Jeskai Ascendancy ft. 3feri

On the backburner: GB Rock

I did terrible woooooo. That said, said friend who played last-minute-Izzet-Phoenix-with-a-dodgy-manabase absolutely smashed it, considering no practice with the deck, got 5-3 for 9 boosters.

Based off that, I caved and bought Scalding Tarns (RIP my wallet) and am gonna give the deck another go, I've fancied a change in deck for a little while so could be fun!

Also went 3-1 in the loser-bracket side event in the afternoon, losing only to Ad Nauseum in a close match.

Doing my first big modern event tomorrow! Biggest I normally do is side events at Magic Fests. List below, it's scary that I did this mostly from memory 😛 Also pulled together a Izzet Phoenix list for a friend who'll be driving us there.

Modern Horizons is teaching me a lot about people's perspectives on the format.

General advice for the format: You can absolutely brew in this format, but the format isn't going to care what you're doing. Have a game plan that isn't treating the game like solitaire and you can still have fun brewing.

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I've been looking to jump ship to a new deck but was holding off until I saw new cards. Not sure what the plan is currently for that, but my GB Rock deck will absolutely have a sideboard Force of Vigour.

I feel like I should be tooting more but as a general catchall update WOW modern horizon is absolutely crazy!

Hey folks, some life advice for you: don't get into the ARPG Path of Exile whilst thinking of getting into a deck that uses Path to Exile. It's confusing :(

Also traded for an Amulet of Vigor, I think I'm gonna try to trade into Amulet Titan somehow. Looks like a fun deck, if complex!

Somehow am 3-1 at modern FNM 3 weeks in a row after months of mediocrity! Highlight tonight was Dark Confidant revealing 4 lands vs UW Control *chef's kiss*

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