Standard 2020 (i.e. pre-Eldraine) had me end up building a ramp deck named "FINE, I'LL RAMP" which I found super boring, albeit quite powerful.

Eldraine's rolled around and after a free day to screw around, this is my current list. Lovestruck Beast is a neat card! Great with Leafkin Druid (which I had a break from but is happily back in) & The Great Henge (which is just bonkers). 1 of Karn's Bastion as a mana sink, although sometimes I don't actually have anything to do with it.

Late context: On paper, Gargos seems cool but there's so many ETB/Planeswalker things that interact with your creatures that he's often just an 8/7 Vigilance that might make Krasis better (at a point where you have at least 6 mana available anyway)

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If I'm using Gargos as a ramp target, what sort of spells to force fights might be good?

Just played the mental mirror match (me on Ramp vs random arena opponent on Cavalcade). Wow that was one sided for Ramp, felt kinda bad :( Walling off with Troll, Yorvo and Questing Beast will do that I guess.

But seriously, this standard feels really fun so far. Have played around with a Cavalcade build and the Ramp list I posted a few days ago ([[Growth-Chamber Guardian]]s cut for [[Barkhide Troll]] per @Ice_In_Disguise suggestion).

Gonna have to sit down and figure out what I wanna get in paper for my first actual* Standard deck!

(OK, I do have pre-rotation Izzet Phoenix but I had it in Modern and did not get on with the standard version at all. Not explosive enough!)

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First card cast in this standard is Gingerbrute. What do I win?

OK I think I'm bored of losing games because my opponent played a 4/4. Time to move on from Cavalcade. I saw a neat Rakdos Artisocrats list with Priest of the Forgotten Gods but I think I might be tempted to turn it into Golgari with Garruk.

Current Cavalcade list for your perusal.

With the current previews for Eldraine, I'm likely to try replacing Scampering Scorcher with Torbran, seems like a more independent piece that also fills the role of letting your deck go bonkers.

T1 Scorch Spitter
T2 Two Tin Street Dodgers, attack for 4
T3 Cavalcade of Calamity, attack for 7. Opponent concedes at this point because they have played two simic taplands.

Thank you for this highly interactive game of Magic The Gathering as Dr Richard Garfield intended 🔥

Has anyone got any decklists etc for Mono-Red Cavalcade in standard/future standard?

Throne of Eldraine standard musings 

Giant Opportunity looks sweet, a potential 3 mana 7/7 is pretty devastating but Teferi having an Unsummon mode means he'll probably just stay King of standard.

I somehow have a playset of Teferi despite never playing UW - I probably should just use them.

Throne of Eldraine standard brewing 

I *will* make a Standard deck and reign terror on Standard at my LGS post-rotation.

Do I do it with mono-Red? They made a Temur Battle Rage sword, dangit, how can I not?

Food GBx looks tempting too.

Please inject the spoilers directly into my veins, thanks

Did a team trios event yesterday, real fun even if we were kinda mediocre (2-3-1 team score overall). I was on modern jund, our standard was on esper hero & legacy was on burn (his first time actually playing legacy, though he'd done modern burn a few times). Our legacy player went 5-1 on a deck that was <£200 in a format of JTMS, W6 and Volcanic Island.

Really fun event and I would recommend doing some form of team constructed event if an option.

I have however seen far too many MTG games.

Microrant against bigotry 

If you ever seriously say 'whiteknight' or 'virtue signalling', our conversation is over.

Went to Axion Now's last chance EMSQ - totally flunked it, but in their rebound event I went 3-0-1 and got my first expedition land as a prize 😍 (Godless Shrine). Fun day overall.

Someone at FNM has pulled together Bogles. Why. :(

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