MagicFest Birmingham was sweet! Didn't do too great at main event, was 2-1 and then I lost my deck! Luckily someone turned it in and I got to continue playing without missing a match, ended up 3-3 but I'm just thankful I still have it.

Did some trade-ins on Sunday and got my ROE [[Inquisition of Kozilek]]s signed, as well as finally upgrading to Lorwyn Thoughtseizes.

Got some ideas on what to build next, Soulherder is very tempting after a fun sealed event.

The Website is talking about Hogaak again (when isn't it?).

My take: It definitely does not belong in the format. That said, I believe there are 2 Grand Prixs coming in the next two weeks and banning Hogaak will cause a massive meta shake-up.

As the guy who likes to play fair in a format that doesn't, I'll be glad to see Hogaak go but I want it done at a suitable time, not when the rug is pulled under literally hundreds of competitors.

3-1 - lost only to a very cool [[Crashing Footfalls]] homebrew. Need to figure out a gameplan vs that as there's a lot going on.

Finally made the switch last night and tore apart my GB Modern list to convert it into Jund for tonight's FNM.

Let's go [[Bloodbraid Elf]]!

"Hey, my autoscrolling video carousel isn't working exactly how I think it should"


Stop it. Bad content.

I've finished reviewing my notes - will post somewhere later/tomorrow if there's interest :) Generally a fair bit of improvement.

tl;dr Experience is a great teacher, but oftentimes their partner-in-crime Deliberate Practice is needed. Both of these are caveated by wanting to figure out where I wanna go.

tl;dr-your-tl;dr Figure out where I wanna go, then get there.

Thinking where is best to do a 'review' of my 'Fearless MTG Inventory'* I posted here ages ago.

I could just do it here but it's probably gonna be a longer thread and I don't wanna annoy people - it should just show up as the toplevel post, right? I forget (again, I should toot more).

*inspired by Patrick Chapin, article talking about the idea here

Another FNM, another misplay out of 4-0 :( That said, first time playing against affinity and 2-0ed it, scary deck. Collector Ouphe is scarier :)

As a Brit, I have opinions about the new state of things. 

I have issues with Karn & Mycosynth Lattice being in the same format.

Also not sure on FNM plans tonight, Modern with no one I know really or Draft/Standard with people I do. I just want to bolt people!

h0lydiva on twitch is making me want to play Kiln Fiends again...

MTG Arena code alert! Redeem 'OneBillion' to get a War of the Spark booster pack. This is to celebrate one billion games being played! :pridewalker:

Really was tempted to pre-order a box of horizons but I simply cannot justify it - my collection is a complete mess, so saving some cash and pre-ordering the equivalent of what I'd spend on half a box on some value rares.

Getting myself:
2x Nurturing Peatland
2x Plague Engineer
1x Collector Ouphe
(I'm out of GB for now, but will want these when I return!)
2x Fiery Islet
(New deck, new format staple lands)
4x Giver of Runes
(I don't know where, but I know they'll see play and were cheap!)

("It" being the free 7 drop ofc, Neoform itself is fine for modern)

Bit wary of stuff like Allosaurus Riders combo in Modern breaking out again but really the DCI should just ban it. What sort of Magic does the Neoform deck invite? Nonsense. Just ban it please 🙄

London Mulligan rule is coming into effect on the release of Magic 2020 (July 12th). Looking forwards to less non-games of magic!

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