So in the end of my last DND session I may have suggested Ravnica as a campaign setting. I might be putting on both a DM and a Vorthos hat, should be fun!

What's your worst condition card that you'd still play with?

Back last year when I was sorting my collection I found a wad of cards that were stuck together, assumedly I'd spilled tea on them ages ago and not noticed. One of them was a Seachrome Coast. I own no other Seachrome Coasts, so I guess I'd play with it, despite the art being shreds /shrug.

Also traded my foil Demonic Tutor I picked up from my UMA box for 4 Collected Companies, well on my way to sleeving up some Bant Spirits. Seems like a more linear way to play 'fair' in modern.

First FNM of 2019, someone brought their cube along so we all played that (okay, DCI, technically not an FNM whatevs).

Went 2-1 with a sweet UW flicker deck. Top play was Cackling Counterparting my Torrential Gearhulk to create 2 Gearhulk tokens & Vapor Snag my mono-R opponents only out.

Hey tooters! I haven't worked out what app to use for this so i only just got back to my desktop, but you aren't escaping from my 2019 blessings either!

I honestly appreciate this instance so much, just nice to have a space among social media where I am 100% A-OK with just posting pure MTG stuff.

Wishing y'all the best 😍

Impromptu Omniscience draft because this format is just too dumb.

Anything Goes draft on arena is the weirdest fusion of Vintage gameplay + Standard cards. Great fun.

Did a sneaky MTGO league last night, only meant to do a few queues but no one was queueing. Went 3-2, would have been 4-1 if I remembered my MTGO keybinds (was literally swinging for lethal and trying to fatal push a potential blocker before I got timed out :( ).

Yet more evidence that Dark Confidant is great.

I'm feeling guilty for not practicing BG Rock outside of FNM (read: on MTGO), might get back on streaming next week Thurs/Fri. I'm really bad at having a schedule for streaming (also just generally scheduling) so if you're interested you can follow me at

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Um, so. Lessons learned. Dark Confidant is a good Magic the Gathering card.

Went 3-1, only lost to infect. Game 1 I got straight up destroyed with no outs. Game 2 I lost because I missed Fielding an Inkmoth Nexus. Rest of the matches were solid - a little annoyed at myself for playing sloppy Game 2 against Infect in an otherwise probably favoured matchup.

Also managed to trade for a 2nd Liliana the Last Hope.

tl;dr Rock is back on the menu!

Been a while!

Not much to report tbh. Modern/Standard FNM tonight, I'm back on Modern GB Rock - this time cutting some of my avatarsake in favour of some Dark Confidants.

Greatness at any cost!

Tried out Keyforge at our LGS, it's really fun. Nice to just have a deck and not have to worry at all about deck construction, just focussing on having a blast with it.

Looking forward to this week's FNM, but kinda anxious. It's Pauper or Commander this week, it's been a while since that event only fires on the 5th Friday of the month.

Hoping others are looking to play pauper, I want to cast some Preordains/Brainstorms!

I did it. I bought a standard deck woop. Let's go, Drakes!

You haven't drafted boros til you keep a 1 lander on 6 on the draw, with your only chance of winning being topdecking a mountain within your first two draws and conceding instantly otherwise.

Is it really necessary for the rope burning to end the game and not just pass turn?

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