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Newest Un-set announced, in an interesting form: Un-Sanctioned!

5 30-card non-randomized decks with new and old favorite Un- cards. Only one product to buy, no chasing rares or piles of duplicates.

Decided to do possibly my last draft on and got 7 wins with this list

I've done 2 sealed on and I feel like UW artifacts and enchantments is the real deal

Standard 2020 (i.e. pre-Eldraine) had me end up building a ramp deck named "FINE, I'LL RAMP" which I found super boring, albeit quite powerful.

Eldraine's rolled around and after a free day to screw around, this is my current list. Lovestruck Beast is a neat card! Great with Leafkin Druid (which I had a break from but is happily back in) & The Great Henge (which is just bonkers). 1 of Karn's Bastion as a mana sink, although sometimes I don't actually have anything to do with it.

Prerelease advice, including "if you plan to send a creature on an Adventure, put it at its Adventure CMC in your curve"

Here is my elementals deck I've been trying out on Standard 2020. I've had a few 3-0 runs, so I think it has some potential.

Been going 3-0 a lot with this super aggro standard 2020 "Feathers" deck, which is so aggro it doesn't have time to play Feathers herself most of the time since it's looking to play a bunch of combat tricks and win by turn 4, so I'm only running two of the namesake card!

(the two images are of the same deck, just sidelist view for those that prefer since for once it fits in a single image)

@wakingrufus Threw a Grixis list together myself, but might update what I'm playing after seeing what others are.

What is everyone going to be trying out for in ? I have an elementals deck ready, but I am kind of clueless about the other decks out there.

Had my first 7 win draft in on with this list. Final record 7-1 . The 1 loss I accidentally kept a 1 land hand, but it still came down to 1 card in my library when they killed me the turn before I would have blown them out with gyre :/. Also I actually dropped 1x season of growth to add in befuddle about halfway through the draft.

They've finally explained Adventures: as an Adventure resolves, you exile it, and then you can cast the creature part from exile.

There's also Adamant, which rewards you for using a lot of a single color; and Food artifacts that gain you life.

The ELD trailer is out and I am dying laughing

CWs: Food (lots of food) and focus character death

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