Came across this today:

Explore a dystopian Millennium Park, solve surreal roleplaying puzzles, and survive a giant's tantrum in this surreal apocalyptic adventure.

THE BABY IN THE BEAN is a complete adventure designed to be compatible with your favorite TTRPG system - perfect for use as a one-shot, side-quest, or longterm campaign starter.

Tassadar represents to the Protoss what Bernie Sanders represents to the Democratic party, while the dark templars represent the working class, and the Zerg, facists. In this essay, I will...


Anyone looking for Magic the Gathering-related writing work: the Card Kingdom blog is looking for new writers.

-pitches generously accepted
-editing smart but not harsh
-I feel like my work is appreciated
-my request to change the pronouns in my author bio was accepted without hesitation.

Downsides: this is a marketing job. Everything you publish comes with the subtext "we want readers to buy MtG products from Card Kingdom."

DM me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.

A theory on why I like Souls games 

The larger world isn't open, but operates on a hub and spoke model, and the pathways are usually pretty obvious. It simultaneously makes me feel like I've covered a ton of territory -- which makes me feel powerful -- while also not making me feel intimidated by too much openness.

Anyway, I don't think I've made any wild revelations here, just wanted to work through some thoughts by typing them out.

Surprise surprise, they suspended Winota in Historic as well, nobody could've seen that coming, it was such a fair card, just letting you cheat on mana and cards!

FFVIIR spoilers 

I finally finished the story. I think they somehow made the plot less comprehensible. If I didnt play the original I dont think id understand why I am even fighting sephiroth, or what he is doing. But, overall i liked it. I have to admit, the combat grew on me

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If you don't have it yet, Celeste is 4.99 on Switch eshop for the next several days and is one of the best videogames I've ever played

FFVIIR spoilers 

OMG hellhouse, this is amazing. I was wondering if it would make an apperance, but I never expected this!

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Places to rest include your own bed, and, of course, blue benches near vending machines

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ffvii remake spoilers 

Lol @ these dudebros outside Seventh Heaven

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ffvii remake spoilers 

So the first bombing mission in has a false flag aspect added to it... Did they not have the guts to make AVALANCHE wholly responsible? I feel like this will take away from the moment when they drop the upper plate.

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Going with classic mode. I hated the normal combat in the demo

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