Narset & Daretti are dead. Long live Feather and Nezahal.

@Ice_In_Disguise Well, I've never built mono-blue before. So it's mostly Nezahal goodstuff. Since a lot of the bones came out of Daretti I put all the rocks, Sai, Master Thopterist, other good artifacts. Included one fun little bit, Narset's reversal with an isochron scepter. Hoping I can cast Karn's temporal sundering every turn with it.

@hypirlink I'm gonna spend my workday looking for inspiration! Thank you!

@hypirlink Neat! I have a few of those flicker effects, but didn't really consider all those ETBs. I kinda went the opposite direction, put in Tocatli honor guard and just said 'nah' to ETBs

@hypirlink I think Feather is an interesting build. The way I thought she wanted to be built is very aggro, leaning red. But with that double white in the cost, it kinda warped my build a bit.

@thomfox Yeah I was doing something like this for my first pass but found even with recursion I wasn't building up to any big plays

@hypirlink Just got my cardkingdom order for Feather. Firesong & Sunspeaker; Mirrorwing Dragon; Intimidation Bolt; Soul's Fire; and, of course, Zada. I love my jank, so I think I'm most excited about running is Spark of Creativity. It just seems like a really neat way to go digging through your deck with Feather on the board.

@thomfox ahahaha that looks great! I'm heading to edh night soon so I'll report back with how Feather plays

@hypirlink Let me know how it goes! I'm making my additions with the new cards now

@thomfox Went really well! Running kiki jiki as my wincon was kind of anti-climactic and someone got salty that I combo'd out but it did a good job. I might try to tone down some of the tutoring and pull kiki for some more commander damage oriented cards

@hypirlink That's awesome. I went 0-2 with Feather last night, but was totally in the games the whole time. Nearly won on the first game, but I got impatient and pulled the trigger on Fall of the Titans a turn too early.
Did get a surprise win with Nezahal though. Pulled it out at 1 life to kill my buddies playing Kess and Rosheen Meanderer. He's so awesome. Big enough threat that everyone comes gunning for him, but SO hard to get rid of!

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