What do you do when your playgroup ain't fun anymore?

I've been playing EDH once a week with my buddies for a few years now. I love brewing, I love playing my jank-ass decks. But the threat assessment in the playgroup is fucked. The same two guys win ~80% of games, but it really feels like the group prioritizes shutting down the least powerful players (me and another guy), rather than focusing on the winning decks. I don't want to find a different group, but play isn't much fun anymore.

@thomfox I guess the first thing I'd do is try to change the metagame. Are the two guys who always win always playing the same decks, or the same kind of decks, when they do? Try bringing something built specifically to target THAT.

Like... if they're always playing white blue control, bring aggro, bring creatures with hexproof, that can't be countered, things with color protection.

Make the decision to bring the dominant decks harder.

@ajanionthespot You're right, and I reckon I'm digging in my heels cause I love my jank decks too much. The two most dominant decks right now are a straight-gas Wart the Raidmother, and a super-janky but goddamn unstoppable Teshar artifacts. I'm thinking some token hate like Elesh Norn would probably be my best bet. As for Teshar, I have no idea how to slow it down, let alone stop it. He goes infinite almost immediately

@thomfox "He goes infinite almost immediately" is maybe the point at which you want to consider outside-the-game solutions, like outright saying "Alfonzo, playing against your Bird Bishop is supremely boring. Run something else."

If he's slapping down a non-intractable combo right away over and over then he's not paying attention to anybody's play experience but his own, and someone can absolutely tell him that at that point everyone else playing with his is essentially doing him a favor.

I think he kinda got that message already when he spent 15 minutes sending scrap trawler, junk diver, and myr retriever to the graveyard/recurring/graveyard/recur/etc etc. By the end of it we had all basically wandered off.

lol "Alfonzo"

@thomfox Sounds like they should play some KCI in Modern. I don't play EDH but that kind of combo doesn't belong in the 'for fun' formats.

@thomfox Krark-Clan Ironworks - it's an artifacts combo deck in modern that's infamous at the moment for taking obscene amounts of time to combo off, despite being a competitive deck.

@wrathofanima Oh yeah, he's been running that damn card. So cool, but you better know your combos before you go wasting everyone's time!

@thomfox Let me guess, he's running it with Scrap Trawler & Myr Retriever type effects? If so yeah he's basically ported the modern deck over I guess.

@wrathofanima You got it. Junk diver/scrap trawler/myr retriever/and that KCI, over and over. Cool deck, if it wasn't boring and non-interactive.

@thomfox I think the only thing you can do is talk to the group about it. If they can’t come to an agreement or at least consider the problem, than you might not have another option. I was in a similar place a few years ago, but ended up moving before we resolved anything.

I also feel this is a problem with all the guests on Game Knights, they never just kill Josh when they should 😋

@Tayatranscendent YOU RIGHT! He brews decks a power-level or two beyond what everyone else is playing. Drives me crazy.

@thomfox Would it be possible to educate the group on things like threat assessment and political maneuvering/manipulation?
There are not that many articles specifically about the subject, but I know I got a lot better when I started reading things like the old article "Who is the beatdown" and stuff like that back during the 20th anniversary when people made "The 20 best articles ever written". :P
Made me aware of how I should effectively threat assess and notice when people were winning etc..

@thomfox Then, as others have pointed out, it might help to just talk about how it is not fun for you the way it is, and ask if others feel the same.
An important thing in my mind is to come with suggestions, maybe like playing Emperor, or those variants of Bang that I know are floating around(never got them to fully work for myself but), that change the dynamic and make it so that they do not always automatically target you two.

@thomfox If possible, Cube will at least equalize the power level by letting everyone pick from the same arsenal

For more fun, add in some Conspiracies: Lingering Souls that draws a card on both ends! Preordain that gets copied for free! Play Cruel Ultimatum in a monogreen deck! P1P1 Worldknit!

@orb_warded_kor_warlord That is a big problem. Four of our playgroup have been playing since way back when, and the rest of us started around Origins or Khans.

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