Howdy! This is my

Human male

Current decks: Muldrotha, Neheb the Eternal, Samut exert, Raff legendary matters

Putting together a Haunt of Hightower deck, cause my love for discard hate knows no bounds.

Decklists can be found at
(don't hate. I'm not the best deckbuilder, and I love jank.)

@thomfox That Samut looks fun! You got some nice looking combos in there, and I love those types of decks that have combos, but are not combo decks. Always advocate for them in fact. :P


@Ice_In_Disguise Thank you! Yeah, I'm not a big combo player. If it happens I'm happy, but I don't want to win that way every time. I just removed midnight guard/presence of gond for that reason.

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