Got to play my first game with smothering tithe in the deck [Tymna||Ravos lifegain].

Love this card. Even better than I thought it would be, cause NO ONE will pay the tax. Now I'm just waiting to play it against my buddy's Locust God deck.

I really should've bought a Revel in Riches to go with it.

After watching a few EDH games with Vannifar winning I have concluded it's a jerk card for jerks.

Bummed. Didn't get to play my new EDH hotness cause of all the IRL deaths. ALL. THE. DEATHS.

I notice Tezzeret is nowhere to be found. Kinda interesting, since he's got the planar bridge.

I have heard the pitiful cries for mercy. Winter Orb is no more! Instead, I have decreed that I shall put a Reverberate underneath a Scepter. Yea, and it was good.

Hot take: Impassioned Orator is freaking beautiful art. Looks like a damn Renaissance painting!

Daretti is back, and, with the help of a winter orb, made my playgroup regret ever playing magic!

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How was everyone's weekend? Good planeswalker battles?

O-tay! Daretti rebuilt. Had a brief moment last night where I thought "Hmm, bring back Saskia, for that OG aggression?" But nah, gonna go a new direction: Tymna|Ravos lifegain tokens! It'll be horrendous!

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If your username is "trollife" and you play Turbo Fog, fuck you in particular.

Oh my god... I made a less/fewer mistake. Stannis would be so ashamed.

Kinda bummed I only opened 4 persistent petitioners. Ain't no point in having less than ~20!

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Attention Mountain Goats fans: they are doing a Magic: the Gathering album.

Also apparently they will be doing an interview/performance/something on the Magic Twitch channel ( at 1pm Pacific

Anyone have thoughts on Unbreakable Formation? I'm thinking of switching out Make a Stand in my Samut deck (yes, I know it's a sub-optimal card. My budget is limited).

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