My DnD campaign recently has been a bit of a joyless slog. We've gotten to the point where it kinda feels like players v DM. Running out of patience. Like, we know that a complete team kill is a possibility, but I don't know if I'm interested in rolling a new char just so we can keep playing this nonstop grind.

Muldrotha is disassembled for the first time since Dominaria came out :( . Rebuilt Elfball w Freyalise, then won so hard that I felt bad.

I'm just throwing it out there: I think people are sleepin too hard on Salvager of Ruin. That sucker is got-dang candy for a or a .

They just gave us an instant-speed Tormenting Voice. Everyone bitching about Faithless Looting, rev up your bitching engines!

This is a weird Commander season. First time I've purchased one with no intention of playing the deck. I got Mystic Intellect, and mi amigo picked up the madness deck, and we're just gonna swap for what we want. He wants Elsha, I want Bone miser and a bunch of silly madness cards

Super loving all this D&D talk recently. My MTG playgroup is also about 60% of my D&D playgroup, so I like having a one-stop-shop for questions! I'm getting ready to roll up a new Sorceror, so I may come with questions!

Apparently I am buying Anje Falkenrath. Wasn't planning to buy a C19, but here we are. August 23rd, baby!

I just realized Bone Miser is actually the guy from Waste Not's art.

Whoa. Bone Miser is a reverse waste not, and I HAVE TO HAVE IT! Oh yeah, also Aeon Engine is bonkers janktech.

Got all excited about Pramikon. Then the local funny guy in my playgroup pointed out, hey, just what we need, a big red, white and blue wall that only seems to point one direction. Now I'm sad again.

Sweet baby Jesus. Elsha the Infinite? What were they thinking?!

Lordy. I don't particularly want any of these new Commanders, but I reckon I'll have to buy one or two and part them out.

Why didn't anyone TELL me Narset, Transcendent is so good?! I got to ult her last night.

They should've sent a poet...

Oh my lord. just keeps getting better! The addition of arcane adaptation makes a huge difference. Went 3/4 with my group on Sunday.

Very good weekend EDH. Newly built Kykar battin 333, and considering I've never really played a spell-slangin deck, that seems pretty deec. Definitely have some changes to make, dead cards to compost.

Weird synchronicity: me and a buddy had the idea to build Alesha, Who Smiles at Death aristocrat decks incorporating Judith elements at the same time.

might be the Jeskai commander of my dreams

Man alive, M20 got the goods for players. Want me Kykar, want me Yarok, maybe even that Sephara..

Game Knights spoilers 

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