*Headcanon* Teshar is Kykar's backcountry cousin from up the holler. Kykar went to the big city to learn big-city wizarding ways. Cousin Teshar stayed at the family junkyard and got more and more religious.

Wow. Turns out it's surprisingly easy to go infinite in Teshar, even if you forgot to put a wincon in there!

Hm. Teshar. That's a lot of decks I'd have to take apart, just to build a jank-ass mono-white deck. But I'll probably do it anyway.

After a night of hot Jeskai-on-Jeskai action, I can confirm: In the war of the storm decks, Kykar > Elsha. (IMHO, obvs)(Sample size of 1)(Don't @ me, I just love Kykar so much)

I'm sick of the Command Zone. They just say the same stuff every episode, recommend the same strategies, whine about the same things. Seems like a channel for well-heeled Spikes.

I'm not on reddit, and so I can't scream this into that particular void, but:
I put Throes of Chaos in Kykar and I think it's awesome. Two Kykar spirit triggers, guaranteed +2 to your storm count, and if I draw a dead land late game I can retrace it. Plus with all the cast-trigger abilities in the deck (Young P, Monastery Mentor, Sunbird's invocation, etc) it can kick the whole deck into a winning turn.

Oh man. Rolling up a Drunk Master Wood-elf Monk for a Christmas one-off. This bastard's gonna be so fricking fast

So, here's a question: Is it worth it trying to build The Gitrog Monster if I don't own Azusa, Wayward Swordtooth, Life from the Loam, etc? Like, I think I could do a halfway decent job, but I don't own the cards that really make that kind of deck sing. If I don't build Gitfrog I'll probably just revamp my old Meren deck.

EDH Sunday win! I don't think I'm ever disassembling Kykar, that bird has rapidly become my best deck.

Anyone have any advice on a Volrath the Shapestealer deck? I had all these big ideas, and what I ended up building seems kinda lackluster. Please and thank you!


Had the most beautiful game on Sunday: Turn 6 win with my newly rebuilt Neheb the Eternal deck. Had an aggravated assault, Neheb, Flamerush Rider, and a Combustible Gearhulk on board. Getting multiple combat steps + multiple copies of the gearhulk with ETBs... *Chef Kiss*

My DnD campaign recently has been a bit of a joyless slog. We've gotten to the point where it kinda feels like players v DM. Running out of patience. Like, we know that a complete team kill is a possibility, but I don't know if I'm interested in rolling a new char just so we can keep playing this nonstop grind.

Muldrotha is disassembled for the first time since Dominaria came out :( . Rebuilt Elfball w Freyalise, then won so hard that I felt bad.

I'm just throwing it out there: I think people are sleepin too hard on Salvager of Ruin. That sucker is got-dang candy for a or a .

They just gave us an instant-speed Tormenting Voice. Everyone bitching about Faithless Looting, rev up your bitching engines!

This is a weird Commander season. First time I've purchased one with no intention of playing the deck. I got Mystic Intellect, and mi amigo picked up the madness deck, and we're just gonna swap for what we want. He wants Elsha, I want Bone miser and a bunch of silly madness cards

Super loving all this D&D talk recently. My MTG playgroup is also about 60% of my D&D playgroup, so I like having a one-stop-shop for questions! I'm getting ready to roll up a new Sorceror, so I may come with questions!

Apparently I am buying Anje Falkenrath. Wasn't planning to buy a C19, but here we are. August 23rd, baby!

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