A friend just jokingly called me out for playing Winter Orb. She doesn't realize that my Haunt of Hightower deck will make our Sunday a soul-killing grind. I will make them regret playing magic!

I've run up against the limits of what I can build and have a reasonable expectation of winning with the cards I currently own. As it stands I have to switch a bunch of cards from Haunt of Hightower to Tymna, Daretti's mycosynth lattice is also in Narset's wishboard, and I can't even start building Feather unless Tymna, Narset, and Shu Yun get taken apart.

Goldurnit. I really want to build Feather but I don't wanna be like all the other kids! Monastery Mentor would be SO DAMN GOOD.

Played some wonky table-top magic with my brother and nephew. Enjoyed teaching them rules they didn't know (don't tap to block, instants mean on anyone's turn, etc). Also enjoyed teaching my nephew thew incredibly annoying power of Dimir :)

I FINALLY built my Haunt of Hightower EDH deck. Cannot wait for my Sunday playgroup!

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open [cause my deckbuilding is mediocre at best]. Link below:


Well, went 1-2 at the 2HG event. Esper control backing up my buddy in gruul aggro, but ended up screwed for white mana in the last 2 games. Opened a Karn, Vivien, Nissa, and a finale. Crying salt tears that I didn't any Narset cards, but there's always tomorrow.

Well, spoiler season was great, really excited. Was gonna brew up a Shu Yun deck for after we crack some packs, but with everything WAR is bringing us, fuck it, I'm building Narset again, with an eye towards uncommon planeswalkers [Guffaw. My playgroup will HATE it].

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Everyone else: *mourning Gideon*

Me: I wonder what bit of Gideon's outfit Ajani is gonna add to his ensemble?

Man, riding on an ancient chaos demon to kill an immortal, dimension-hopping dragon... Gids gets to have all the fun

Waaaiiiit a damn minute...

The Wanderer... It's so obvious. Why didn't think of it before?

The Wanderer is Lazav!

So, I'm not that well versed in my vorthos lore, but here goes:
Anyone else think the Wanderer is Elspeth?

NEW NEHEB! And he looks bad AF. Plus a legendary Fblthp!

Oh man. New Vivien Reid looking dope. Vivien's arkbow looking dope. Loving this

Meanwhile, Sorin out here giving LIFELINK to planeswalkers!!!

Sooo.... Is it just me, or is the new Samut walker kinda... poorly designed?

Got to play my first game with smothering tithe in the deck [Tymna||Ravos lifegain].

Love this card. Even better than I thought it would be, cause NO ONE will pay the tax. Now I'm just waiting to play it against my buddy's Locust God deck.

I really should've bought a Revel in Riches to go with it.

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