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Somebody pointed out the Mechanized Production flavortext is relevant to :

“Give me eight walkers, I’ll give you the city.” —Dovin Baan

In the flavortext for Dovin's Acuity, Dovin counts planeswalkers: "himself, Domri, Kaya, Ral, Vraska … and Bolas made an even six."

I imagine the other two are Tezzeret and Liliana?

watching the new
I love Muldrotha so damn much. Normally I'm all the way, but the Gravetide is my big sassy gal, and I'd never betray her.

Also, I'm developing a new win strategy, which is to kill all the opponents with spells and abilities and creatures.

Appreciate everyone's advice re: playgroup dynamics. I feel like the grievance is real, but I also feel like I probably need to quit bellyaching. Bad beats happen. Communicating with friends shouldn't be hard.

What do you do when your playgroup ain't fun anymore?

I've been playing EDH once a week with my buddies for a few years now. I love brewing, I love playing my jank-ass decks. But the threat assessment in the playgroup is fucked. The same two guys win ~80% of games, but it really feels like the group prioritizes shutting down the least powerful players (me and another guy), rather than focusing on the winning decks. I don't want to find a different group, but play isn't much fun anymore.

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@thomfox I hope to one day live the Magical Christmasland dream of "steal (Teferi/big Vraska/little Vraska/Vivien), use the ability to destroy the enchantment, profit"

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I could keep iterating all day and I wouldn't get anything better than "you are flush with a flip floppy."

Art by:

This episode of spoiler season:
Check out that art! And that functionality!

Man I love spoiler season. THis lil buddy and me are gonna be good friends!

Got to do an draft on Sunday! Pulled some good stuff, but nothing mind-blowing. My deck got played, but both games it went all archenemy and I got wiped out first.

Howdy! This is my

Human male

Current decks: Muldrotha, Neheb the Eternal, Samut exert, Raff legendary matters

Putting together a Haunt of Hightower deck, cause my love for discard hate knows no bounds.

Decklists can be found at
(don't hate. I'm not the best deckbuilder, and I love jank.)

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