Time for the next installment of Zendikar Rising story. Adventuring with Nahiri? Sounds perfectly safe to me.


It doesn't matter who they are, unknown or MtG famous.
Ignoring or staying quiet about racism is racism. Do not allow this to go unnoticed, unvoiced, and unpunished.

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This image and the flavor text was one of the most touching and wonderous things in the 27 years of MtG. Some awful members of the community have taken this beautiful work and transformed it into hateful and disgusting images.
This behavior is completely unacceptable in any community and our society as a whole. If you see someone creating or sharing these images, call them out. Shame them. Voice loudly they are not welcome.

Time for our coverage of Zendikar Rising story 2 - Race to the Murasa Skyclave by By A. T. Greenblatt. Nahiri needs a party.

Just in time, we have a new story swinging in! Zendikar Rising and its two Zendikari walkers braving ancient runes looking for a powerful artifact? Nothing could possibly go wrong. soundcloud.com/user-438748113/

We're almost caught up to the present troubles on Zendikar, let's hear about the formation of the Gatewatch and the destruction of the unkillable!


We'd already prepared the Memories of Zendikar before the surprise return of weekly Magic story. Don't fret lore junkies, we'll be performing our classic take on the Zendikar rising stories starting next week!

New episode just dropped Memories of Zendikar: Part 2! Thru time and smoke, comes the next in our series of the history of Zendikar as a plane, and the roles its stories play in the overall narrative of Magic. Let's return to the Memories of Zendikar


We had our exciting preview earlier today. That doesn’t mean you don’t get our regularly scheduled episode. Join us for Memories of Zendikar part 1. The most burley man there regales us with stories of the past. m.soundcloud.com/user-43874811

What's this? Another piece of great, story related removal?

We're proud to present our card, "Nahiri's Binding". Check out what shenanigans we can get up to in game and IRL here:


Thank you to Wizards of the Coast for our free card!

What's this? Two Loregoyfs episodes in one week? We ingested too much lore and it's all coming out!

This time we talk with @HobbesQ from @GoblinLorePod about mental health and Magic.


On this week's episode, we're joined by Dr. Katie Neal to discuss the anatomy of your favorite MTG critters. Just how does a shoreshark pounce?


You sent us your parenting questions and our panel of Planeswalkers answered. Angrath, Tamiyo, and Teferi are here to help you.

“Let’s just stop and talk about this before you two get carried away. Again.”

Ariel to Tarjuk and Tebasha

"It's a bumpy ride, there are no brakes, and it's usually a one way trip. It's a total blast!!"
-Mond, Professional Stunt Goblin

“Help me get this pose just right, it’s a birthday gift for Chandra and I want to heat her up.”
-Nissa to Amal, Vizier of Portraits

‪“Is there justice in bending the knee? I think not.” Liliana scoffed‬
‪Gideon lifts his eyes to the sky, “Bending the knee alone will not bring justice. That requires we act in faith as well.”‬

‪This week we continue our search for the murderer of the Bloody Nightingale. The party enjoys the finest in Gruul hospitality while figuring out their next steps. ‬


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