Kaya has come to the forests of Kaldheim in search of her latest assignment. What will she find deep in the woods? soundcloud.com/user-438748113/

Niko races to warn Starnheim of dire threats, shop stylish Nordic furniture and most importantly to pet another kitty. Aim Through the Target by Setsu Uzume soundcloud.com/user-438748113/

Our trio of investigators continues the search for the missing children of Innistrad in part 3 of our CoC adventure. What will they find on the road to the foreboding mountains soundcloud.com/user-438748113/
CW: Body horror

This week the Goyfs begin investigating the disappearance of children from a small town in Gavony.
What will they find? CW- mention of child death m.soundcloud.com/user-43874811

On this week's episode, we have session 0 of our Innistrad adventure using the Call of Cthulhu TRPG system. What kind of dastardly plot has @kilnfiendpotter cooked up for us this time? We'll be running this as a single story through the end of the year.

No episode this week as the Goyfs look forward to their dinner of Hans.. lore. If you’ve got some fan fic for the big guy himself, let us know about it!

Stay home. Stay safe.

This week, Taya sits down with Meghan Burden, AKA Sheepwave to discuss her art, adding your own flavor to the game with proxies, commander, and rule 0. You can find her at @sheepycutie on Twitter and all her other social media at sheepwave.com/


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No episode this week. Your goyfs were a bit exhausted after the battle last week. Thankfully, in the end the heroes prevailed. There’s a long way to go to clean up the mess, but enjoy the celebration for now. Stay strong.

Hello fellow goyfs. On the menu for today is the final episode of the Zendikar Rising main story. Which of Zendikar's defenders comes out on top?

Accidentally just spelled out MtG as Magic the Gaythering in work slack and that’s the new name now. Update all your references.

This week’s episode covers Zendikar Rising part 4, an important message from Sorin Markov, and the best line I’ve ever written


Time for the next installment of Zendikar Rising story. Adventuring with Nahiri? Sounds perfectly safe to me.


It doesn't matter who they are, unknown or MtG famous.
Ignoring or staying quiet about racism is racism. Do not allow this to go unnoticed, unvoiced, and unpunished.

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This image and the flavor text was one of the most touching and wonderous things in the 27 years of MtG. Some awful members of the community have taken this beautiful work and transformed it into hateful and disgusting images.
This behavior is completely unacceptable in any community and our society as a whole. If you see someone creating or sharing these images, call them out. Shame them. Voice loudly they are not welcome.

Time for our coverage of Zendikar Rising story 2 - Race to the Murasa Skyclave by By A. T. Greenblatt. Nahiri needs a party.

Just in time, we have a new story swinging in! Zendikar Rising and its two Zendikari walkers braving ancient runes looking for a powerful artifact? Nothing could possibly go wrong. soundcloud.com/user-438748113/

We're almost caught up to the present troubles on Zendikar, let's hear about the formation of the Gatewatch and the destruction of the unkillable!


We'd already prepared the Memories of Zendikar before the surprise return of weekly Magic story. Don't fret lore junkies, we'll be performing our classic take on the Zendikar rising stories starting next week!

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