“Let’s just stop and talk about this before you two get carried away. Again.”

Ariel to Tarjuk and Tebasha

"It's a bumpy ride, there are no brakes, and it's usually a one way trip. It's a total blast!!"
-Mond, Professional Stunt Goblin

“Help me get this pose just right, it’s a birthday gift for Chandra and I want to heat her up.”
-Nissa to Amal, Vizier of Portraits

‪“Is there justice in bending the knee? I think not.” Liliana scoffed‬
‪Gideon lifts his eyes to the sky, “Bending the knee alone will not bring justice. That requires we act in faith as well.”‬

‪This week we continue our search for the murderer of the Bloody Nightingale. The party enjoys the finest in Gruul hospitality while figuring out their next steps. ‬


“He created our world then abandoned us to Memnarch’s madness. When the Phyrexians murdered us, he was no where to be found. If I ever meet him, I’ll reshape him into a garbage can.”
-Tebasha of the Remembrance

"I'm thankful the gods we brought back were the ones who cared. I've seen what uncaring gods are capable of."
-Seth Sulimo

‪"We told stories about the gods, then we told stories about the stories. But they were only the stories we wanted to hear."‬
‪-Venqwyn Mistseeker‬
‪Written by @SliverQueen

“I never give into rage. I wield it. To protect my friends, to right injustices, and to mourn for the Tarkir that was lost.”
Tarjuk, Temur Smoketeller


“Mat’Selesnya speaks through every one of us. Elementals amplify her voice to those who refuse to listen.”
- Ariel, Who Embraces the World
Suggested by @DialMforMara

DeQuan joins Michelle of the Loregoyfs to talk about what makes MTG fun for him. Please be sure to check out his work, including the Color of Magic podcast, Twitch, and an awesome Youtube channel.



We have quite a few more cards on Twitter and will be reposting them on this account over the week.

“Everything’s fine! I have a counter spell ready.”
-Last words of Kai, Tolarian Scholar

“The Phyrexians were always improving the rate their contagion and death spread. In her, they perfected the process.”
Tebasha of the Remembrance

‪There has been a lot going on not only in our community, but with Wizards of the Coast. We talk about what we think needs to happen within the corporate structure of WotC.‬

‪This episode does contain content warnings for multiple topics at the start of the recording. ‬


‪It’s Wednesday, time for the question of the week. ‬
‪What questions would you ask a veterinarian about the anatomy or other features of MtG critters? ‬

‪I wonder what the physiology of a Loregoyf is?‬

On this week’s episode of The Loregoyfs, we continue our search for the murderer of the Bloody Nightingale


This week we interview the illustrious BibliovoreOrc on micro fiction, cosplay in Magic, and lots of other fun topics! Thanks so much for joining us for this wonderful chat.


What questions do you have for our panel of Planeswalker parents? Tamiyo, Teferi, and Angrath are here to help.

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