did fnm at a place near my house

not enough people for draft so we did constructed instead. ended up going wgb, 0-2 but both very close.

felt good to play irl again

new set 

this account (twitter.com/RosewattaStone) is just taking mtg cards through several google translates and creating a semi-curated collection of gorgeous poetry which im going to incorporate in my language forever

pretty stoked for the dominaria release events

4/28 is right in the middle of my wife's finals, so provided the dog isn't being a complete dipshit i should be able to pop out to the store up the road and do some drafting or something

Hi! I’m sam! I’m old (32) and played a lot in the 90s, then fell out of it in high school and college and stuff and am now getting back in, mostly via Duels. I’m pretty stoked about Dominaria because it’s like exactly marketed to my nostalgic ass.


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