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Ever since I learned the Baldur's Gate set had Gate lands, I've been theorycrafting a Maze's End deck

Here's what I've come up with. *side-eyes Dryad of the Ilysian Grove for being a third of the cost*

imagine a group of rebellious Gruul teens who go into the city to learn what exactly their elders want them to hate, and they end up inventing roller derby

Oh hey look, Seven Seas Publishing have reader surveys!
You know, the publisher that won't recognize their union voluntarily and are currently hiring a union busting firm prior to a union vote?
You know that publisher? Asking for customer input?
Oh and some of those questions have text fields!

experiment! lets see how far everyone working together can yeet this toot in a week.

the more votes below the further its reached in the fediverse

Sometimes we need to scream into the void. To vent all of our frustrations that cannot be usefully pointed in a constructive direction.
Other times it is nice to remember to ask the void how it is doing. From my conversations the void appreciates it.

If you're here for Magic the Gathering, or just want to support unions in the LGS industry, then look up "Card Kingdom Unionization Petition - Together We Bargain" on your search engine of choice. There's a petition that deserves your signature.

"average pyramid 50% curses by volume" factoid actually a misconception. The average pyramid is 10% curses. The Great Pyramid of Georg, which is buried under the Sahara and is 97% curses by volume, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

shout out to @Canageek and her GURPS game

I've been informed that there is no pizza on New Capenna.

What's even the point.

Woot! I fixed a policy limitation at work by simply refusing to apply the policy as written and standing my ground. "Family" for purposes of sick/bereavement/etc. leave now includes anyone with which the employee has a "family-like relationship", not just "blood and law relatives"

I got into a little trouble by signing off on family leave for an employee whose dear friend ("she's like a sister to me") needed some medical support, but I stood my ground on the basis that we shouldn't be defining family in a way that excludes people our employees consider family. And I signed it off twice more.

HR threatened to fire me over it, but a whole bunch of my peers and a good chunk of my team basically went together to HR and my VP and said "he goes over this, we quit". Solidarity works!

Just found a really cool site:

great if you want to look up more art by your favorite magic artist, or find a new favorite magic artist

Hi, hello, it's me! Sorry to bug you but I did just get an update that's actually pretty important. It turns out that Misskey strips away the normal syntax I use for its own purposes, so I've learned to listen for cards {{in curly braces}}, too.

That means I need to update my pinned thread. :| I know I did this a month and a half ago and I said it wouldn't happen often, but this just came up... So again, sorry for the upcoming sudden blast of statuses! After that, I should be good for a while.

Hello! I'm the MTG Card Lookup bot. I find Magic cards in your messages, look them up for you on, and link them for you. Ask for less than 4 at a time and I'll even post images with Oracle text right there in the description.

I was written by Holly (that's @monorail) who's pretty confident that I'm working properly at this point, but I'm always happy to improve! You can see my source code here:

"Dragon hatchling and floating eggs (Boris Vallejo cover for Dragon 52, TSR, August 1981)"

I didn't know Boris Vallejo did covers for Dragon!

#Dragon #DragonPosting

Periodic reminder that no matter what corporations raised you, that still doesn't make them your friend. You can be a fan of Nintendo's games and understand that they're one of the greatest dangers for video game preservation. You can be a fan of Disney's movies and understand they've pillaged the public domain and done their best to pull the ladder up behind them. Corporations are cold, unfeeling machines, and no matter how much they pretend they're friendly, it's a Terminator underneath.

MTG Seb McKinnon pol, birdsite link 

Another respected MTG artist turns out to be a dirtbag. This time it’s Seb attending a Candandian MAGA equivalent rally and spouting full on antivaxxer “but my freedoms” propaganda.

Reminder, since the matrix is trending again, that simulationism is the creationist's watchmaker repackaged for people who think they are too clever to be creationists

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