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How much does a rainbow weigh?

 — Not much. It’s pretty light.

... so they've got Seanan McGuire writing the story

maybe I was wrong about it not living up to the Arlinn art

MTGMID card reveal 

this art is writing checks the story will never cash, but I am buying a print as soon as they're for sale

also I'm really curious about that night/day mechanic in the static abilities

silver lining: I finally got @AjaniOnTheSpot to help me develop an independent magic system for Onumbrica

now we get to use all of his ideas that didn't fit into the color pie
and I'm having a lot of fun coming up with new explanations for things

we actually have a story bible now

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(and if you're a wubrg local and have opinions about whether or not this is a place you want to continue being, please reply to this)

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so the recent Magic set announcement has left me disappointed and frustrated

I feel like I'm just now catching up to the fact that I haven't been in the game's target audience for a few years now

We will keep going for as long as people want to hang out here. I just personally won't want to think about anything past Strixhaven for a while.

There have been a lot of Professional Wrestling RPGs over the years, ranging from this, through the d20 boom. I wonder if people are still making them (probably), and if any of them are any good? (The bigger question)

Something that has bugged me since the RPG blogosphere was big:

There are a million and one articles on being a better DM.

There are very few articles on how to be a better player.

This seems to be improving a bit, but why does everyone expect the DM have to do all the work? Why don't we teach players how to work with teh DM?


oh hey, a legendary elf that transforms into a plant. That's going straight into my Commander deku.

Oh, if anyone is interested in these odd dice, let me know! Boosts okay! :d20: :d6:

Hello, is anyone interested in these 2 sets of dice by Chessex? They are the frosted 7-die-sets in smoke and red. Also, I have a set of 8 dice in frosted blue, with 3 4-sided dice, d8, d10 and d100 (10s), d12 and d20. DM please. :d20: Boost okay!

The place I most commonly apply this is picking a hard deadline for information when making a go/no-go decision on plans. E.g. "ok, if I don't hear back from Jimothy by 19:00, I'm gonna say we're not meeting up. Anything until then, I'm still open to it."

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Something I think a lot about: in aviation, if you're landing through fog (or whatever), the standard practice is to pick ahead of time a hard limit for the altitude at which you'll do a go-around. If you don't see the runway by the time that altitude is reached, you abort the landing attempt -- no questions.

Because otherwise folks tend to keep going "I'll just give it another few seconds..." until they're way too low for safety.

This type of protocol is very, very generalizable to everyday life, and can make decision-making a lot easier.

when you take your mastodon instance to the mechanic and they go "it's working fine for me"

Afficionados of Dungeon Crawl Classics! while I enjoy Appendix N literature and the tropes of dungeon crawling, I always get the impression that #dcc is just a tad too much tongue in cheek for my taste. The adventures I've come across all seem to assume a certain baseline gonzoness.

Am I mistaken? Or are there any "serious" adventures you could recommend? Or maybe you've played a serious campaign with DCC as the rules set? How about horror in DCC?

Just noticed "citizen" is a new creature type in AFR

wonder if they'll keep using it
wonder if it could replace "townsfolk"

"Dragon Size Chart by Arnie Swekel, from Council of Wyrms, Bill Slavicsek’s 1994 boxed set of rules and campaign setting for playing dragons as PCs in AD&D 2e. Here all dragons are shown as 4 year old juveniles, with red and gold being the largest, except for silver which is shown in hatchling, juvenile, and great wyrm stages (elf vassal at the very bottom for scale)."


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