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Today in D&DMtG 

We're now pretty sure we can mitigate the risk of bringing back the four new gods, if nothing else by finding vessels for them who emphasize their kind and peaceful qualities and downplay the mean ones.

I'm a little scared this means Seth will be the best vessel for Barolan, the asshole god of sunrise, because we want to play up his ability to sing. Even though their color identities don't line up. But we have a clone spell for that, so Seth should be okay.

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Today in D&DMtG 

The god of winter stopped our train again, and we managed to have the beginning of a conversation this time. Hoping he'll be more able to talk if we go up to the glacier.

We visited Dahfui's sit-in at the Senate, managed not to start a fight, and got Storytime With Dahfui.

We found Seth singing at a funeral and convinced him there was still meaning to life because the winter god might be able to help Mistolin unclog death.

Sounds like SOMEONE doesn't appreciate all the theming and aesthetic work that's gone into Kaldhiem as a set...


and the cat tokens that go with the chariot are out of stock, so I've asked for an extra fluffy custom token

I'm mostly excited about the cards that care about the number of kinds of tokens you have out.

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I say I've lost my motivation to care about Magic, and then I go and buy $20 worth of cards from the new set to add to my Commander decks...

hey, I'm spending less than I would if I were going to FNM

Kaldheim card nickname 

[[Replicating Ring]]: Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ... ring ... a mana rock!

Random Card of the Day 

Tajuru Preserver

This is most overtly a counter to Annihilator, which can be a brutally unfun mechanic - recovering from even one Annihilator attack is pretty hard, but it doesn’t necessarily win games *quickly.*

This ability has only appeared on two other cards - [[Sigarda, Host of Herons]] (itself a potentially brutally-unfun card) and [[Tamiyo, Collector of Tales]] (fitting with her Archivist flavor.)

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Kaldheim nickname ideas 

@SliverQueen I love LRR’s existing nickname for [[Invoke the Divine]]: “God? Damn it.”

I also write Magic fanfic when I feel up to it. Here's a summary I wrote on main earlier of my ongoing cozyqueer Ravnica story, which I haven't had the energy to work on in about a year.

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I used to write for Card Kingdom, but that contract just ended, and I'm starting to lose my Magic motivation without a job or a playgroup (f you too, covid) to keep me interested. But don't worry, WUBRG isn't going anywhere.

My current favorite format is @ajanionthespot 's planeswalker D&D game, where I play Ariel, a Selesnya druid who always knows when someone needs a hug and who's just adopted Tamiyo as a mother figure.

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Account transfer is done now, and followers are crossing over. So I guess it's time for an .

Hi, I'm Alex (they/them), one of the WUBRG admins. I moved over to this account because I wanted a username that didn't reference my old name.

I do a lot of Commander variant brewing, most recently a [[Lathiel]] tokens deck and a speculative :golgari: Elves list for Kaldheim Brawl. Eighty percent of what I build has green in it.

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