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The place I most commonly apply this is picking a hard deadline for information when making a go/no-go decision on plans. E.g. "ok, if I don't hear back from Jimothy by 19:00, I'm gonna say we're not meeting up. Anything until then, I'm still open to it."

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Something I think a lot about: in aviation, if you're landing through fog (or whatever), the standard practice is to pick ahead of time a hard limit for the altitude at which you'll do a go-around. If you don't see the runway by the time that altitude is reached, you abort the landing attempt -- no questions.

Because otherwise folks tend to keep going "I'll just give it another few seconds..." until they're way too low for safety.

This type of protocol is very, very generalizable to everyday life, and can make decision-making a lot easier.

when you take your mastodon instance to the mechanic and they go "it's working fine for me"

Afficionados of Dungeon Crawl Classics! while I enjoy Appendix N literature and the tropes of dungeon crawling, I always get the impression that #dcc is just a tad too much tongue in cheek for my taste. The adventures I've come across all seem to assume a certain baseline gonzoness.

Am I mistaken? Or are there any "serious" adventures you could recommend? Or maybe you've played a serious campaign with DCC as the rules set? How about horror in DCC?

Just noticed "citizen" is a new creature type in AFR

wonder if they'll keep using it
wonder if it could replace "townsfolk"

"Dragon Size Chart by Arnie Swekel, from Council of Wyrms, Bill Slavicsek’s 1994 boxed set of rules and campaign setting for playing dragons as PCs in AD&D 2e. Here all dragons are shown as 4 year old juveniles, with red and gold being the largest, except for silver which is shown in hatchling, juvenile, and great wyrm stages (elf vassal at the very bottom for scale)."


@mycroft and yeah, I get people leaving

this place wasn't exactly hopping before the cert expired, it was mostly me and @SliverQueen and @ajanionthespot getting excited about new cards and our planeswalker D&D game

I'm sad this didn't become more of a Community TM, and I'm gonna keep this a nice chill safe place to care about Magic for as long as I can, but not all communities last, and I'm happy I got some meaningful connections out of it

@mycroft our certificate expired

I hope that's a more meaningful phrase to you than it is for me; but Lilian knows what it means and is, as far as I know, doing something about it

this may involve us changing hosts (which *is* a thing I mostly understand, and it sounds stressful)

@mycroft siiiiigh

I really really don't want to be one of those instances that just disappears

oh hey, I liked a post and it didn't give me an error message

@Tayatranscendent and so the final attack was @ajanionthespot 's low-key Witherbloom "okay, this little tramply thing has 30 +1/+1 counters; what's your life total?"

Also an absolute flavor win.

I had such a massive board, I could have just passed turn and easily won next turn. Instead, I deck myself with my own storm card. Out in a fiery blaze of glory. A+ from Dean Nassari.

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It was very late in the game at this point and all five players were still in, so I got 40 mana off the geyser and just started going off. By the end of combat phase I had about twenty cards in hand, killed two of my opponents, and had a storm count of 28, which I built up to cast Fiery Encore thinking I’m about to kill the other two players. Then I read the card to the table and realized I misread it as “creature or player” in my excitement over my turn and it already having been a long game.

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I did the most red mage thing ever last night. Got to play first in person commander game since last February. Since there were 5 of us, we each played a C21 deck, I was on Prismari.

We’d already been playing about three hours. I spent most of the game doing nothing because I didn’t draw a land until turn 15 or so and someone blew up my mana rocks. I finally managed to get out Charmbreaker Devils and next upkeep got back Mana geyser.

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