@Tayatranscendent and so the final attack was @ajanionthespot 's low-key Witherbloom "okay, this little tramply thing has 30 +1/+1 counters; what's your life total?"

Also an absolute flavor win.

I had such a massive board, I could have just passed turn and easily won next turn. Instead, I deck myself with my own storm card. Out in a fiery blaze of glory. A+ from Dean Nassari.

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It was very late in the game at this point and all five players were still in, so I got 40 mana off the geyser and just started going off. By the end of combat phase I had about twenty cards in hand, killed two of my opponents, and had a storm count of 28, which I built up to cast Fiery Encore thinking I’m about to kill the other two players. Then I read the card to the table and realized I misread it as “creature or player” in my excitement over my turn and it already having been a long game.

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I did the most red mage thing ever last night. Got to play first in person commander game since last February. Since there were 5 of us, we each played a C21 deck, I was on Prismari.

We’d already been playing about three hours. I spent most of the game doing nothing because I didn’t draw a land until turn 15 or so and someone blew up my mana rocks. I finally managed to get out Charmbreaker Devils and next upkeep got back Mana geyser.


The showcase cards have parts of the art brief as flavortext

I’m going to be part of a mental health awareness month charity stream tomorrow and giving away a full Daretti commander deck. twitter.com/goblinlorepod/stat



A legendary creature designed around the fact that its name is too long to leave room for a casting cost


@SliverQueen I want to build this deck

...sadly not enough green oozes, but I think a Kraj deck would work.

Also want to point out that the Scryfall nickname for this card is "Ooze the Boss"


So Garth One-Eye is getting a card

I hope that makes other parts of Arena canon too. Like how Dominaria used to have "a card game that represents wizards' duels."


Bringing back this paper that shows that Magic the Gathering is at least as complex as a Turing machine, and that determining who wins a game can be represented by the halting problem


Twitter convo about Wastes/glass mana

The upshot: good idea, needs to show up more to actually be worth something

I think we need non-Eldrazi implementations for that to happen. Like a Thran set, or somewhere else where tech is taking over from magic. Include it in pseudo-multicolored costs, like

Frost-Resistant Tomato 1GC
Creature -- Plant
Ward 1

uncounterable spells are an edge case I'm happy to leave out of my mental quick reference

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update: in response to being reminded that menace is equally confusing, I'm trying to reframe Ward the way I think about menace

Menace reminder text: this creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures

How I remember menace: if this creature is blocked, it must be multiblocked

Ward reminder text: When this becomes the target of a spell/ability, counter it unless its controller pays X

How I'll remember ward: anything that targets this creature costs X more.

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