Oh hey look, Seven Seas Publishing have reader surveys!
You know, the publisher that won't recognize their union voluntarily and are currently hiring a union busting firm prior to a union vote?
You know that publisher? Asking for customer input?
Oh and some of those questions have text fields!

@AjaniOnTheSpot I dunno, this sounds like the Greek campaign in most Civilization games


@hystericempress @mycroft Seconded. You're well within your rights to remind people to wash their hands.

experiment! lets see how far everyone working together can yeet this toot in a week.

the more votes below the further its reached in the fediverse

Sometimes we need to scream into the void. To vent all of our frustrations that cannot be usefully pointed in a constructive direction.
Other times it is nice to remember to ask the void how it is doing. From my conversations the void appreciates it.

Old Capenna, spoilers 

@mycroft ...the angels didn't also give mortals their power to be helpful? Weird

If you're here for Magic the Gathering, or just want to support unions in the LGS industry, then look up "Card Kingdom Unionization Petition - Together We Bargain" on your search engine of choice. There's a petition that deserves your signature.



this is not the first time in the last year I wished I felt more motivated to care about this game

@AjaniOnTheSpot also, I love this art and I think I need the original card in my Vaevictis deck

@AjaniOnTheSpot on the one hand, she looks good as a flapper

on the other hand, why is she here in particular

"average pyramid 50% curses by volume" factoid actually a misconception. The average pyramid is 10% curses. The Great Pyramid of Georg, which is buried under the Sahara and is 97% curses by volume, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

shout out to @Canageek and her GURPS game

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