@AjaniOnTheSpot just don't lose your opponents. A good play group is hard to find.

@AjaniOnTheSpot why is the color scheme like that

thought this was cyberpunk, not vaporwave

Reminder, since the matrix is trending again, that simulationism is the creationist's watchmaker repackaged for people who think they are too clever to be creationists

MH (-) Work related 

@Haphazard void here, happy to take yells, within reason

MH (-) Work related 

@Haphazard that sucks

got someone to complain to?

@AjaniOnTheSpot ooh, I'd forgotten about the heron gryffs. That back art is beautiful.


How much does a rainbow weigh?

 — Not much. It’s pretty light.

... so they've got Seanan McGuire writing the story

maybe I was wrong about it not living up to the Arlinn art

MTGMID card reveal 

this art is writing checks the story will never cash, but I am buying a print as soon as they're for sale

also I'm really curious about that night/day mechanic in the static abilities

@thorgrit That's been fixed, as far as I can tell

I'm getting notifications consistently, and our host says it looks fine on their end

I've even made it work on my phone again, by virtue of logging out and back in

silver lining: I finally got @AjaniOnTheSpot to help me develop an independent magic system for Onumbrica

now we get to use all of his ideas that didn't fit into the color pie
and I'm having a lot of fun coming up with new explanations for things

we actually have a story bible now

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(and if you're a wubrg local and have opinions about whether or not this is a place you want to continue being, please reply to this)

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