I've been informed that there is no pizza on New Capenna.

What's even the point.


also, has there been any mention at all of old Capenna

Old Capenna, spoilers 

@storycircle Yes! The plane of Capenna was like Bant (I'm told, I'm not familiar with Alara), medieval pastoral countryside with angels etc, until the (old) Phyrexians attacked. Angels and demons banded together to make a refuge safe from the infectious threat. Angels left to fight the phyrexians. Demons left to fight the phyrexians, but leaving some ravnica-like guilds in charge, bestowing some of their power to the guild leaders. Neither returned.

Old Capenna, spoilers 

@storycircle With nowhere to grow but Inwards, the refuge became three cities in one, collectively New Capenna, basically the small part left of the plane where Outside is deadlier than Ikoria, Zendikar, and Australia combined.

The paladins with their protection magic evolved into the Brokers, lawyers who protect their clients through contracts. Druids' harvest festivals and sacrifice evolved to the party animals the Cabaretti and conspicuous consumption, etc.

Old Capenna, spoilers 

@mycroft ...the angels didn't also give mortals their power to be helpful? Weird

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