oh hey, I liked a post and it didn't give me an error message

@mycroft siiiiigh

I really really don't want to be one of those instances that just disappears

@storycircle Only reason I haven't left is I haven't been unlazy enough to search for somewhere else. Sorry.

I don't want to be too snoopy, but what's the hangup?

@mycroft our certificate expired

I hope that's a more meaningful phrase to you than it is for me; but Lilian knows what it means and is, as far as I know, doing something about it

this may involve us changing hosts (which *is* a thing I mostly understand, and it sounds stressful)

@storycircle Certificates sound like a simple enough matter to get a cert or have it renewed, just means you need some admin level access to the server, or if you don't, have the server's admin do it for you. If we're still just stuck on a cert I'm suspecting it's that y'all don't have admin access and the hosting provider has to do it, and is being difficult.

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