oh hey, I liked a post and it didn't give me an error message

@mycroft siiiiigh

I really really don't want to be one of those instances that just disappears

@storycircle Only reason I haven't left is I haven't been unlazy enough to search for somewhere else. Sorry.

I don't want to be too snoopy, but what's the hangup?

@mycroft our certificate expired

I hope that's a more meaningful phrase to you than it is for me; but Lilian knows what it means and is, as far as I know, doing something about it

this may involve us changing hosts (which *is* a thing I mostly understand, and it sounds stressful)


@mycroft and yeah, I get people leaving

this place wasn't exactly hopping before the cert expired, it was mostly me and @SliverQueen and @ajanionthespot getting excited about new cards and our planeswalker D&D game

I'm sad this didn't become more of a Community TM, and I'm gonna keep this a nice chill safe place to care about Magic for as long as I can, but not all communities last, and I'm happy I got some meaningful connections out of it

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