Go show LoadingReadyRun some love on Twitch and Twitter if you have the chance. They had a lot of people being real shitty about a product reveal they're doing at the end of the Pre-Prerelease, and I refuse to let that be a representative sample of the player base.

@storycircle I'm on neither of those platforms, but I can try to give an encouraging youtube comment, if that counts for anything

@mycroft it should, especially if you wait to leave the encouraging comment on an excerpt of today's recording

The channel for that is probably LRRMtG

@storycircle oh, I'm definitely subbed, I love that they spun that channel off because the other content usually doesn't interest me

I don't normally watch one on one stuff but I do enjoy watching the PPRs over the next few days after. I'm still giggling over m20's [[Gorging Vulture]] being immediately nicknamed George Miller.

@mycroft I wanted to go for George Four-Man Mill, for all the times it got all 4 of Serge's rares

This time I've got a guaranteed winner, as long as I can remember it at nickname time and no one else gets there first

@storycircle I was just wondering what time they started because maybe I could catch the beginning while at lunch and apparently they're already done

what was the reveal, the Witherbloom c21 deck or something else?

@mycroft yeah
I didn't realize it was shorter this time, PPRs usually go all day

@storycircle ... why would people be shitty about a commander deck product reveal?

I mean, above the baseline shittiness that people can be about anything and everything.

@mycroft @storycircle I believe they were upset that the deck reveal wasn't the very first thing that happened, before any of the actual PPR, so that they could just watch a repost of it on reddit without watching the stream at all. And instead they had to wait PART OF A DAY.

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