so today I learned just how off the rails Strixhaven story has gone

my relationship with Magic Story is now "why can't I quit you"

Again, worth reminding y'all that this instance is not going anywhere. If you feel similarly, I am determined to be part of your support group.

Also I'm working on a continuation of the story of @ajanionthespot's D&D game, because I love that plane and those characters and want to give them closure at the very least.

@storycircle I've learned that what I love about mtg creative is more the settings than the stories told in them

like a big old pile of same theme legos that encourage complimentary building; also as a bonus there's some suggestions on what to build

@mycroft yeah

For most of the last year my favorite part of Magic has been @ajanionthespot 's D&D campaign, where I had both story agency and freedom from the metagame.

That game has ended, but I've still got bits of it, plus my Ravnica fic, as a little piece of the world that's safe from canon.

Now somebody help me get motivated to work on my fantasy setting so I can give my stories a home that deserves them.

@storycircle @ajanionthespot 👍

I can also hold separate eras of settings simultaneously. Like an rtr continuity where Bolas has no plans there but instead it's a stealth phyrexian invasion with a rogue vigean simic biomancer inoculating people against compleation in the worst possible ways. And a post wots Ravnica focused on power struggles and jurisdiction getting in the way of rebuilding with no major ill intent.

@storycircle Just how off the rails have they gone with it?

Also that is an a-ok way to enjoy any creative work, just grab the babie and run from canon lmao. ^.^

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