TIL about an obscure format called King, which is basically Bang but for Magic

You randomly assign roles: a king, a guard, two assassins, and a rogue.
The king (the only public role) wins if they make it to the end of the game.
The guard's goal is to protect the king, and any player can block on the king's behalf.
The assassins win if the king is defeated.
The rogue wants to be the last person standing.

I would like to try this once.

@storycircle Since there's five roles, do you balance the deck colors as well?

@storycircle @ajanionthespot That would be called 'Star', and you could mix and match those two variants sure, but 'King' does not require any special deckbuilding. From the couple of times I've tried it however, I would probably recommend maybe having a deck on hand for the King that is capable of handling being a target(it sucks if the king is playing a RDW or something like that for example) if it turns out to be a problem or such.

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