Today in D&DMtG 

The god of winter stopped our train again, and we managed to have the beginning of a conversation this time. Hoping he'll be more able to talk if we go up to the glacier.

We visited Dahfui's sit-in at the Senate, managed not to start a fight, and got Storytime With Dahfui.

We found Seth singing at a funeral and convinced him there was still meaning to life because the winter god might be able to help Mistolin unclog death.

Today in D&DMtG 

We're now pretty sure we can mitigate the risk of bringing back the four new gods, if nothing else by finding vessels for them who emphasize their kind and peaceful qualities and downplay the mean ones.

I'm a little scared this means Seth will be the best vessel for Barolan, the asshole god of sunrise, because we want to play up his ability to sing. Even though their color identities don't line up. But we have a clone spell for that, so Seth should be okay.


Today in D&DMtG 

Also we get to level up now that we've talked to all the existing gods about what to do with the incoming ones.

We're at level 9, so our proficiency bonuses are going up, so our decks are getting bigger.

I'm taking a level in wizard and am excited to add a little more "research" blue.

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