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Zenkikar Rising preview, something we've all wanted to do for a long time 

Jace can be kicked now. Boot to the head!

custom card concept, mana in white 

to go with the catch up mechanic present in land tax, knight of the white orchid, etc

some kind of enchantment, maybe 1ww
Whenever you gain life, if an opponent controls more lands than you, you may untap target Plains.
W, Sacrifice (this): Search your library for a Plains card, out it into the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

definitely not land ramp or card advantage, but some kind of mana advantage? but only if you're land disadvantaged?

Commander Legends 

cool things: monocolored partners
enemy-colored cycle of multiplayer dual lands introduced in Battlebond

downsides: OH BOY HERE COMES PROJECT BOOSTER FUN to give extended to border sides art versions and special foiling process but only in a collector booster that's not draftable (in a set designed for limited)

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Commander Legends 

so, looks like it's just basic limited rules modified somewhat
3 20-card draft boosters
pick 2 cards at a time
build a 60 card deck that includes 1 legendary general or 2 partners
not singleton enforced

one of the commons is a generic 'pick one color' partner if you need it, but otherwise no word on any other specialized cards for the formet

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depiction of animal death 

I could've gone today without wotc trying to sell me a dead dog

with optional foiling

maybe not supposed to be dead, but no way it can be denied it can be interpreted that way

me: you can't just sit there and generate an infinite amount of :black: or :red:

opponent: haha combo go BRRRRRRRRR

considering Rhystic Study for an upcoming deck, and I think I found good alternate non-terf art to replace it

custom commanders 

And then from @chaonaut_says who knows how much I like Naya colors and am uncomfortable outside of them... a Dimir Commander :/

... but it's creature-focused and makes tokens, with a milling subtheme, probably the thing I'd be most comfortable trying outside my comfort zone

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custom commanders 

Next, from @zephasaurus_hex Purcy, Propogating Pookah, a Naya bunny that makes other creatures bunnies too, makes bunny tokens, and distributes counters

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custom commanders 

First up is @Vagabond remembering my time in WoW, with tauren ("Our Minotaurs are different") gaining access to Paladin class, with the Retribution spec ability Avenging Wrath being a self buff cooldown with a visual effect of angelic wings, and the phrase "ret bull gives you wings" being popular.

Fits with aggressive damage, direct damage, and lifegain.

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So I got some gifts from friends today in the form of custom commanders to build decks around!

They know I like Boros and Naya colors, minotaurs, I lament the lack of rabbit representation, I tend to do a lot with tokens and sometimes +1/+1 counters, so I was excited to see what they would come up with.

Got 3 Tiny Leaders decks to bring to game night tonight... but I waited too long to craft them and now I need to rush to find a place to print all the proxies.

Bear Force Three Or Less

Hey Rocky watch me pull a goblin out of my ***

Survival of the one with the shiniest toys

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