how to do Commander Legends without giving WotC any money 

1. go to and click Commander Legends
2. instead of picking, just click and drag all 20 images to a new folder on your desktop or elsewhere
3. repeat step 2 12 times
4. open the folder, highlight all the images, right click, print
5. uncheck fit to frame, choose wallet size (select print-to-pdf if you want to take them elsewhere)
6. repeat step 5 for each folder

my local UPS Store can print PDFs for US$0.16 per page


how to do Commander Legends without giving WotC any money, part 2 

7. all players bring sleeved basic land, 20 of each should do
8. as part of drafting a "pack", cut out all the cards and draft the little pieces of paper
9. after deck construction, slip the bits of paper into sleeved basic land you're not using

drafting 12 real packs: $60
drafting this way: $6

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