Okay, since I haven't found any lists online of mtg artists who are terrible people, I'm just going to start my own personal list to try to keep track of. I'd appreciate if you let me know of any you know, why they're terrible, and preferably some example.
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list so far, please don't boost 

Terese Nielsen - TERF
Harold McNeil - nazi
Noah Bradley - confessed sexual predator

if there's more, let me know please by replying

absolutely not interested in debating whether these people are shitty or not, or arguments about their artwork

list so far, please don't boost 

@mycroft Jesper Myrfros defended Harold McNeils work after the bannings

Jesper Myrfors 

(context: Jesper Myrfors was the art director at WotC and personally approved the artwork)

I did some digging, and I found

"I enjoyed the fact that the characters on the card looked like KKK members"

"The real inspiration [...] would require some level of education on the part of the people jumping to these conclusions."

bad takes, yes, but same post "it needed to go. That was the right call"

Anything you can add?

Jesper Myrfors 

@mycroft that is the info I was referring too. I understand how important he was to early magic, but he also phrased it in terms of “if people were offended” and seems to bend over backwards to defend it. The line you quoted about him enjoying that it looked like KKK members creeped me out. Up to you if he meets the criteria for your list, but I was very disappointed with his response and took down some art I had of his.

Jesper Myrfors 

@Tebasha the "sorry you're offended" felt like a non-apology, followed by "you're too stupid to understand" *definitely* makes it worth mentioning and noting. Thanks again.

I was about to say his cards are old enough that I'm unlikely to have any with art of his, but I did a scryfall search and yep, I've got one. It's mechanically bad so I'm in no danger of playing it, thankfully.

list so far, please don't boost 

@Tebasha Thank you for the contribution, by the way! He's been added to my list. Just looking for any additional relevant data.

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