MaRo: there are rules changes proposed in Commander that seem logical on the surface, but after listening to players I've been humbled to realize there's no sense changing things for the sake of change, if whatever already exists works well and there's no problem

also MaRo: hybrid should count as mono color identity because I know a lot more than you

@mycroft Do you know what those rules changes are that he is referring to?

Also yes, hybrid should be able to count as mono-color!

@Ice_In_Disguise he does make an interesting point for hybrid to count as mono color identity for Commander, specifically a lot of the things he says people have been asking for colors to do better already exist in some of the color pie bends that are hybrid cards, or they would in design if the rule was charged

if someone wanted to allow it as house rule I'd say sure, but I'm not going to propose it myself

@mycroft Hybrid has actually always irked me, especially when compared to extort, which is from when I started playing, and if I was on the RC it would be changed, if only because the rest of it would want me to shut up. :P

Now, unlike Mark who "saw reason" I would also implement a lot of that list, like banning Sol Ring and removing Cmdr dmg, so that might clue you in how much and how many house rules I propose when I play. :P


@Ice_In_Disguise For Sol Ring, he said a game of commander takes so long anyway, that any minor thing that helps speed it up is good. Plus there's enough reprints that it's within any serious player's budget.

A lot of these I'd say ok to for funsies, if only to ensure edhrec won't just spit out a 100% optimized deck.

Curiously absent from this list is non-Legendary cards as commanders, like the Nephalim.

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