me: Hm, I've got 163 cards set for this deck. I really really need to do some deep cuts.

*fiddles with archidekt*

me: ... now I have 165 cards

I finally pared it down, cutting out tons of cards that I really wanted to put in the deck, but I got it down to 100
Making Friends - [[Trostani, Selesnya's Voice]] :selesnya: Populate

built *and* sleeved using my Fluttershy sleeves

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so, after playing, I learned:

too many populaters, not enough token makers
too many high cost things, not enough early ramp (dorks, rocks)
people get scared at high life gain

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turns out having Trostani and [[anointed procession]] out, making a token that's a copy of [[armada wurm]], and repeatedly populating for 6 creatures and 30 lifegain each turn is Fun

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@Ice_In_Disguise (sorry, just to clarify, do you mean include you in a callout post about being unable to pare down a deck, or are you offering advice on how to do so successfully?)

@Ice_In_Disguise Well, if you like, here's what I got so far:

could always use more suggestions to add

suggestions to cut anything would be emotionally troubling, but if you see one chunk of a thing that doesn't belong, hit me

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