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Would an enchantment that effectively re-introduces mana burn be interesting?

something like "at the end of each step and phase, cardname deals x damage to each player, where x is the amount of mana that empties from that player's pool"

could change it to unspent mana in their pool but that would totally hose Kruphix

custom card ideas, sliver 

Woo, initial pass got me to 99 cards, just need to add one more and I'll be - oh, Oathbreaker is 60. Never mind.

why was the one true king the one person who could pull the sword from the stone 

What happens when you throw a white stone into the Black Sea? 

help I've gone looking for sword jokes online 

I'm finally starting to sit down and craft a deck list for [[Nahiri, Storm of Stone]] , but before I can continue I need a good clever (or awful) deck name.

turns out having Trostani and [[anointed procession]] out, making a token that's a copy of [[armada wurm]], and repeatedly populating for 6 creatures and 30 lifegain each turn is Fun

so, after playing, I learned:

too many populaters, not enough token makers
too many high cost things, not enough early ramp (dorks, rocks)
people get scared at high life gain

I finally pared it down, cutting out tons of cards that I really wanted to put in the deck, but I got it down to 100
Making Friends - [[Trostani, Selesnya's Voice]] :selesnya: Populate

built *and* sleeved using my Fluttershy sleeves

wellp, it's that time, breaking down decks I don't play, collections of cards from drafts, and leftovers from decks pared down

my Unsorted box just isn't big enough anymore

later he talks repeatedly about the spinning wheel putting Cinderella to sleep so just a bit of confusion while also being distracted by driving can easily explain this

how has he not gotten into a traffic crash yet, all this taking his eyes off the road to read card descriptions

Maybe during design it was second spell, and later in the process they changed to second draw? Or maybe he was conflating a mechanic from a different set that might be in the design process now?

Or perhaps I'm just bored and overthinking.

Listening to a MaRo Drive to Work Podcast, he mentions [[Mad Ratter]], reads off the card text exactly, but then goes on to confuse 'draw second card each turn' with 'cast second spell each turn', and goes on specifically about the red/blue theme for Eldraine being second spell cast matters, and izzet being the colors for casting spells. He mentions casting spells so much I can't help but think this might not have been a one-off confusion.

when are the cowards at ultra pro going to release "Trans Rights Are Human Rights" sleeves and playmats

The latest survey has questions about cyberpunk and anime. :o

Personally no thanks, tech levels of Kaladesh and Ravnica are enough for me for a fantasy setting.

Custom card idea 

me: Hm, I've got 163 cards set for this deck. I really really need to do some deep cuts.

*fiddles with archidekt*

me: ... now I have 165 cards

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