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First pass at a Whoops All Soldiers Boros Commander deck

Spearheaded by Tajic, Blade of the Legion (2RW 2/2 indestructible, Battalion +5/+5)

(Four non-soldiers managed to sneak in, shhh don't tell the boss)

me: tries typing 'pentium'

autocorrect: did u mean 'Ornithopter' ??

you know you talk too much about mtg when

oh gosh Timetwister has a comma in the price, I missed that, that's going off the table

(Narset's static ability is opponent can't draw more than one card per turn, and the spells mention force all players to discard and redraw)

It's payday, and instead of going out to eat for lunch, I decided to challenge myself to buying a WAR pack and building an Oathbreaker deck around whatever planeswalker was inside.

The winner is: Narset, Parter of Veils. Well. Need to drop a couple bucks on a mean signature spell like Windfall, Timetwister, or Day's Undoing.

suddenly looking through collection thinking about a terrible unworkable Oops All Soldiers boros commander deck
because unlike dragons, I have a lot of soldiers

Was just looking through my inventory of Legendary Creatures to possibly build Commander decks around, and looks like I've got an Atarka, World Render.
She gives attacking dragons double strike.

Unfortunately, I only have about a dozen Dragon creatures, and half of them don't fit in the Gruul color identity.

And yes, this is the debut of Graham's Bear Force One commander deck.

Game Knights 27 is out!
Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong of the Command Zone podcast sit down for a well-illustrated game of EDH with Kathleen and Graham of Loading Ready Run.

Ayula vs Hogaak vs Morophon vs Yawgmoth (1h32m)

Oh, neat, it's the 10th anniversary of MtG being ruined forever and WotC going out of business because everybody quit playing over the M10 rules change; the entire ccg industry collapsed due to removal of mana burn and combat damage on the stack.

idea: red/blue goblin wizard with :tap: : draw a card, discard two cards, then draw a card

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@mycroft My BA in Chinese language and literature says that is not the case.

The o in Mowu is like "know"
the a in Jiang and Yanggu are closest to "father"

TIL Mowu the Good Doggo is pronounced with an ow sound like cow, not ohw like know.

Mowu goes bow wow.

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