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Spooky tournament over! After 4 rounds, I ended up at Last Place.

still just a little bummed about the Commander game earlier this week, it seemed all I did throughout was ramp, replay my general, then watch it get destroyed or exiled again, repeat

I just had 7 5/5 trampler tokens out on turn 6 with the ability to pump out two more every upkeep for free, I don't know why they thought that was a threat

we had all wheeled 7 times already with 3 more on the stack

EDH Opponent: I cast Thousand Year Storm

Me, jokingly: In response, I'm gonna go take a nap, wake me up when you've won

30 minutes later

Me, and other opponents: okay let's just say you won

Ooo, [[Mirrorpool]] looks like it could go in my Big Tokens Populate deck.

I'm considering being mean and throwing an [[Armageddon]] into a [[Gishath, Sun's Avatar]] commander deck. I can keep pumping out huge stompy dinos while opponents are rebuilding. Would be 'fun' to pair with mass artifact destruction too, because one player always relies heavily on a ton of mana rocks.

Accomplished two deck builds today! First, I slapped together a bad Spooky deck, to compete in my FLGS's Halloween event.

Second, I built up my Marath Big Tokens deck again. This time I swear I'll make a deck list to refer to later in order to tweak. Last time I never got around to it, and lost it when I rebuilt the recent Naya precon.

Newest Un-set announced, in an interesting form: Un-Sanctioned!

5 30-card non-randomized decks with new and old favorite Un- cards. Only one product to buy, no chasing rares or piles of duplicates.

or an artichantment that, etb choose a creature type. Whenever you cast a creature spell of the chosen type, it enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter, then choose a creature type that hasn't been chosen before

anti-tribal tribal?

I'm thinking of a custom mana rock that etb choose a color, tap to add one mana of that color then choose a different color. (can still alternate between two colors)

Hm. Are there any card effects that choose and remember something (color, creature type, etc) that later allow you to choose something different? Without any flicker or other shenanigans, I mean.

cards pulled 

cards pulled 

I still need to get my prerelease cards added to inventory and sorted away as well. Been playing too much WoW to care lately. ... which might not be happening any more, due to recent news.

Second match stalled a lot first game, then I was overwhelmed by broom tokens. Second game I would've won I think but it went to time.

Third match 2-0. I actually won a prize! Got 3 Eldraine packs and a 4-card promo.

Drafting Eldraine! First two packs gave me really great mono green, but last pushed me into splashing red. Questing Beast, some green Adamant, couple equipments, some fights, and a couple Flings.

First round playing went well, 2-0 against mono white weenie. I get knocked down to at least half health before I get good blocks, but then stompadomp.

it's neat to see Rakdos out there representing

(cw horror clown)

If you want a good intro to funny and dashingly good-looking youtuber Spice 8 Rack, here's a couple that have absolutely nothing to do with eugenics! History of Goblins throughout Magic's timeline, covering some notable goblins but not all. The Flavour of Comedy, showing great humor wins and fails, with analysis. I think he has too low an opinion of puns tho.

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