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( is becoming more and more inaccessible to me, with frequent SSL certificate errors, so I'm not posting nearly as much as I'd like to. for the time being I'm merging talking mtg over on my main account along with my normal stuff.)

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I'm a budget casual player of , mostly , though I've dipped into .

Most of my cards come from RTR and Theros blocks, when I got into the game. I have a much lower budget now, and try to stick to cards that I already have in my pool.

I play primarily Naya :red::green::white: and subsets.

I keep inventory of cards I have and decks I've built over at

I don't play MTGO or Arena much.

Sorry, the SSL errors and getting cut off from notifications on is going on too long. I want to keep talking about Magic: the Gathering, so I'm moving accounts over to @thorgrit

Main account is still

I went to the prerelease, and sorting cards later, I've got a discrepancy

I have 6 rares/mythics, 19 uncommons, 59 commons, 6 basic lands, and 1 promo

that's one uncommon too many and one common too few

does an uncommon get dropped in a common slot sometimes? I have some foils and variants if that means anything

got counters ready for the prerelease to use with the class cards

AFR contains no minotaurs, thus is a terrible set, and will go down in history being shunned as one of those sets that doesn't have minotaurs.

oh wow I had no idea signets and talismans were actually so cheap

five bucks and my real cards deck is getting upgraded

bye cluestones and lockets

Commander Night at FLGS was super fun this time around! Got paired against non-competetive pubstompers, and got to play my Ghired deck, be a credible threat, but also lose fairly.

They even let me try out my custom Brogmir deck, based on [[Michonne, Ruthless Survivor]]

Artwork used without permission from as someone's Ravnica/D&D player.

AFR spoilers, Minsc and Boo 

Go for the eyes, Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!

in other news I never played the video game this guy is from, and only just now heard his iconic voice line, and immediately identified it as Jim Cummings

If you store boxes of the new cards you don't use on top of boxes of the old cards you don't use, you might be a tcg player. #mtg

For the first time in probably years, my entire #mtg collection is organized and put away. Not a single stray token. No small pile of didn't-make-the-deck castoffs. Every spare sleeve matched with its like. Each card sorted by color identity. Neatly stored and easily accessible.

found out after I got there and registered that the casual Commander night the FLGS had told me about a couple weeks ago turned into a tournament with prizes for winners

fuck me then, got pubstomped

Is access to still intermittent for anyone else, or is it just me and my weird VPN?

custom mtg, cube building 3/? 

Still on the discussion whether Rampant Growth would just make a token out of nowhere, whether it would also exile a card from top of library, make a custom card that did exactly what was wanted, or leave out that kind of ramp altogether.

No token doubling shenanigans.

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custom mtg, cube building 2/? 

a basic land token of a type that matches one of the colors on the card exiled. Exile a Lightning Bolt, get a Mountain. Exile a Boros Guildmage, get a Mountain or Plains. Exile Emrakul, get a Wastes. Based on color, not color identity, so Alesha could only get you a Mountain, not a Swamp or Plains.

Of course that breaks a lot of mechanics in all of MtG, so why not make a curated cube of cards that don't get broken?

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custom mtg, cube building 1/? 

I got to taking with friends last night about how I didn't like shuffling so much during gameplay. I don't run tutors, but I do play green, so Rampant Growth and Cultivate are staples for me. I brought up that it's too late now, but what if those kinds of effects just made basic land tokens.

He came up with the idea of a zero tutors cube, zero basic lands, with the idea of a custom rule: instead of playing a land from your hand, exile a card, and you get...

got my newest cube printed out and trimmed, now all that's left is sleeving

only one damaged during the process

bad custom design 

inspired by the joke of "they're running out of ideas for commanders, next one will be 'whenever you draw a card, draw a card'."

mtg bad custom design 

Fullgrip the Inevitable, 2UU

Legendary Creature - Human Wizard, Rare

Whenever you draw a card from an effect other than Fullgrip, put a charge counter on Fullgrip.

Remove a charge counter from Fullgrip: draw a card.

"You know what they say about guys with big hands..."
"A big discard step?"


hardcasting your 6 mana commander on turn 3 is a hell of a drug

I love green

Since I finally actually got to play Magic for the first time in forever, and so many games too, I brewed three new decks over the weekend.

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