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I'm a budget casual player of , mostly , though I've dipped into .

Most of my cards come from RTR and Theros blocks, when I got into the game. I have a much lower budget now, and try to stick to cards that I already have in my pool.

I play primarily Naya :red::green::white: and subsets.

I keep inventory of cards I have and decks I've built over at

I don't play MTGO or Arena much.

Marath was my first deck and I've been into the Naya three color pair ever since, after previously liking both Boros and Selesnya. I'd first tried to make tall tokens with the Populate mechanic, until Ghired came out and did it better. Now trying to go back to wide small tokens with the direct removal toolbox Marath offers.

🎨 Tyler Jacobson

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First paring down of a wide Naya tokens deck inspired by the new cards in New Capenna, with Marath at the helm.

Since my commander is a built in colorless mana sink, I'm looking to see what cards I can cut to include more lands and mana rocks.


if you bring a box of boosters to draft, and the group has just recently eaten greasy food with their hands, would you consider it impolite to ask them to wash their hands with soap before cracking into the box?

apparently of 3 of my friends it was too much of an ask for two of them

if I had thought of it in time, as food for the draft session, I would've made like mac and cheese, but with the tubular ridged noodles, and with food coloring to make it look radioactive green

Nuka Penne

@hystericempress I couldn't help but notice that maybe Jetmir from the new set might have an appreciative body type for you?

🎨 Ryan Pancoast, Julie Dillon, can't find credit
(cw Streets of New Capenna official previews)

Initial draft of a Jetmir deck is up, I only need to cut like half the cards, then probably replace half the remaining cards with good ones?

not sure if I want actual good cards that can win, or a jank party themed deck

I have been informed that the Neon alternate art version of March of Burgeoning Life (NEO #393) has bunnies in it
full high quality art link:

as soon as I found out about it of course a package will arrive to me in 3-5 business days

acorn design space mtg 

Tempting Offer - You and each opponent may ask you to grab them something from the fridge. For each player whose request you fulfill, create a treasure token.

can i buy lurrus for thirty five cents yet or do i have to wait until the weekend

thing I made just to theoretically annoy people who look at it
cw: annoying to look at

custom card, wubrg commander 

so i heard you wanted a wubrg commander to head your pile of goodstuff edh deck but never want to cast except in an emergency

I went with 480. I got card color balance exact, some minor functional errata (adding two creature types and hybrid can count as either monocolor), and I think it's ready to throw at a wall to see how much of it survives.

Unfortunately I can't figure out how to make Cube Cobra build packs the way I want, so its playtest feature doesn't work yet.

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I started working on a commander cube based on Commander Legends with similar pack construction and drafting. To support up to 6 player draft or up to 3 player sealed, that's 360 cards.

I started throwing things together willy-nilly and ended with 540+, and have so far cut it back down to 411.

Debating whether to keep culling down to 360 exact, leave mostly as-is for wiggle room, or adding up to 480 to support 8-draft/4-sealed...

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