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I should've jumped on the Commander pre-order when I saw it somewhere for $35. Finally got my hands on one for $50 (plus tax) at flgs.

joke violence, mtg 2/2 

joke violence, mtg 1/? 

Called the store, they said it's Saturday only from 1pm-4pm. They said they posted the event on Facebook, but since I don't have an account there, I can't see it. I got a friend to copy and paste the details for me.

That's kind of frustrating.

My FLGS still hasn't announced what they're doing for Commander Weekend and it's rather frustrating. They've had, what, over a month to prepare for it? I think they are planning on holding an event, but don't know if it's going to be Saturday only (so friends can't participate), or even what time(s).

Hard for me to plan my weekend like that.


I sat down to sort cards and deckbuild in anticipation for tomorrow, getting together all the cards I wanted for a Marath Tall Tokens deck.

In retrospect, making popcorn with lots of salt and butter powder as a snack while doing so was a bad idea.

Since Deckbox still doesn't have the C19 cards, I fiddled around a bit with Archidekt to make my custom Marath Tall deck. Still in the works, need to make more cuts, then look at the mana base.

Assuming I do manage to get the precon, there's only 5 cards listed I don't have, that are worth less than $2.

negative option of mtg community member 

Hm, [[Ghired's Belligerence]], ping everything for just one, then [[Hour of Reckoning]]... and throw the beefiest creature (or best enters/leaves battlefield trigger) into my [[Mimic Vat]].

Civic Pride

[Art: Ral and Tomik kissing. Background is a street party featuring WUBRG-striped Pride flags and people of all Ravnican species and guilds. Maybe Tomik is wearing a flag as a cape.]

Search your library for two target creatures that don't share a color, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

"The guilds came together to fight Bolas. Why
go back to hating each other?"
--Tomik Vrona

Magic: the Gathering is a very serious game that must always be taken seriously.

maybe it's personalization, but when I did a google image search for "rummage sailor" half the pics were my Mastodon avatars, avatars of people who replied to me, or pictures I posted

I've heard suggested "Party on, Tahnwayne"

Which led me to think of potatoshopping on a black cowboy hat with "Tahngarth Brooks"

naya tall decklist 

What's a Boros Skyjek's favorite sport? 

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