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Okay, I've done it.

I've identified 15 cards with unique art that feature a rabbit or rabbit-like creature.

I'm not counting moonfolk. Sorry, Tamiyo.

List of those (and other things):

If you know of any cards with anything bunny-related on them not on this list, please let me know.

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I'm a budget casual player of , mostly , though I've dipped into .

Most of my cards come from RTR and Theros blocks, when I got into the game. I have a much lower budget now, and try to stick to cards that I already have in my pool.

I play primarily Naya :red::green::white: and subsets.

I keep inventory of cards I have and decks I've built over at

I don't play MTGO or Arena much.

land card idea 

~ enters the battlefield tapped.
When ~ enters the battlefield, draw a card.
1, :tap: : Add one mana of any color

Mitch has a video about 10 worst commanders of 2020
and I consider this a challenge

Ha! It was pointed out to me that the recently released [[Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith]], the guy who makes rocks, is a direct callback to the Onslaught version of Shock.
Specifically, flavor text, "I love lightning! It's my best invention since the rock." --Toggo, goblin weaponsmith

half tempted to design Ruric and Thar as Partner With commanders, as a joke

really wanting a rampant growth or kodama's reach style effect that didn't require searching and shuffling libraries

put out basic land tokens, or start with some basic lands in the command zone, something like that

following nearly ten year old advice, I made a bad small set skeleton

I even made a new keyword, Procrastinate. (You may draw a card. If you do, place a card from your hand into your library, third from the top.)

it's probably bad or misused

yay, got my friends who are designing cards in MSE to start using custom set symbols instead of just the default square, it really shows a bit more polish and individualization

why does everyone refuse a game of Magic the Gathering from the goblin matron? 

nobody plays for Auntie anymore

yet another custom card 

couldn't sleep, had to create card

silly custom card 

I was bored
and spent way too much time in mspaint

custom card idea, zombified tutor 

I reworked the card/concept a bit, not sure if the templating works the way it's intended but you should get the idea.

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yay, I finally broke down and started a Real collection of paper cards that I want just because I want to collect them, not to play

my Rabbit Creature Type collection is 20% complete

custom card idea, zombified tutor 

1B, search library for any card and exile it face down, create a 2/2 Zombie token, when that creature dies put the exiled card on top of its owner's library

Custom cycle idea 

Okay, hear me out. I was watching this video on why the Sonic character Rouge has tig ol biddies, when it explained about bats as symbology in Chinese history, in the form of wufu (five blessings). 福, fu, blessing sounds like 蝠, fu, bat, so blessings are often symbolized by five bats.

HEY, FIVE, I SEE A PATTERN and was compelled to throw together a cycle of custom cards.

I don't know how respectful I'm being of the culture.

haha pants goblin

[[Breeches, Brazen Plunderer]]

Horde Magic came up as a possibility of play after one in my group expressed burnout on building Commander decks, as possibly a way for the rest of us to scratch our mtg itch solo so he doesn't feel pressure to do something he dislikes

I started with the Battle the Horde Theros deck, but it's designed for rtr/ths/m14 Standard, and I don't have any real constructed decks at all

custom card, Kwain compatible 

for when the pillowfort stops being comfy

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had a fun game with Kwain that I forced opponents to draw about 80 cards and used almost all my counters and bounces to prevent people from hitting each other and then double second sun'd and won

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