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call to action re: MTG, software dev (+) 

Snouts Discord #mtg #edh #Commander game over Cockatrice looking for more players!

Currently interested are:
someone going by the name of Koi on the Snouts Discord, whose Mastodon account I don't know
Me (@Mycroft)

Aiming for Sunday, Mar 22, 8pm EDT, 5pm PDT, 0000 UTC

Check Snouts Discord mtg channel for discussion.

covid, LGS question 

covid mtg joke 

wonder how long before MaRo's Drive to Work podcast gets shortened to ten seconds and renamed temporarily

So my friends @zephasaurus_hex and @chaonaut_says got me a foil [[Pattern Matcher]] as a gift, and I'm now on my way to collect the subset of mtg cards with rabbits in their artwork.

Apart from those with the creature type Rabbit, can you point to any older cards that fit this description?

Me: *desperately trying to think of the play that lets me live*

My opponent: oh, they gotta have it! :( *scoops*

Using this Delver app thing, that stack is 352 cards, "worth" about $500. My biggest values are a [[Polluted Delta]] (I don't play black or blue so can dump this) and two [[Questing Beast]]s (can easily get rid of one), a foil [[Sundial of the Infinite]], and a voil [[Aurelia, the Warleader]].

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My collection, including about 3,000 commons, a few built decks, and I guess around 500 rare/mr, and less than 50 other cards of interest

thinking of shrinking my mtg collection to get rid of unused commons and uncommons

I need to contact my FLGS to see if they take bulk and if so how much

Woo, one of the party in Jace Beleren Must Die (5e D&D podcast set in Ravnica) just met Chad.

since so many people are talking about maro's 15 edh changes

I'm a white male, I suppose I have to make sure everybody knows my opinions too

in short: uh sure

thanks for coming to my talk

professor criticism 2/2 

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professor criticism 1/2 

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mean snark 

silver border card idea 

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