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in retrospect I think Vorthos Cast was giving me a warning about this image, not praising it (Chandra comic, no spoilers)

with THB, there are now 3 cards with creature type listed as Horse Fish, and none are from Ravnican sets

hey Simic, I am disappoint

... I think this is going to be the first set I play where I view cards that mill my opponent as a *downside* most of the time

I cast Ickyo...
"It's okay, take your time"

THB Captivating Unicorn 


I was originally thinking of something like a Llanowar Elves but for life costs, that could tap to add more life than just gain 1 life straight up like a [[Soulmender]]

Maybe something like reverse Phyrexian mana, like until the end of turn, the next time you would pay life, you may pay BB instead for each life paid? Throw it on an artifact with a tap activated ability.

hm, wondering about a mechanic, probably centered in Black, that sort of gains life, but only adds it to your mana pool to be spent on costs, and empties as turns and phases end

complexity for the sake of complexity, sure, but interesting to think about

Loading Ready Run Pre-Prerelease for Theros Beyond Death is up on youtube! 7h47m

"Brought to you by Wizards of the Coast—Broadcast January 10th, 2020 with special guests: Nadine Grendelmeier (NissaCosplay), Crim Nguyen (TheAsianAvenger), Eilidh Lonie (coL_AliasV), and Melissa DeTora (MelissaDeTora)."

in case you need a refresher, here's Beej from LRR explaining Banding, and doing a surprisingly good job of it accidentally

Hm, [[Formation]] might be a fun card to include in a Feather EDH deck.

If my idea of fun is pausing the game while I give a ten minute slideshow presentation about what Banding does, followed by a ten minute Q&A.

Oracle changes! Including, most excitingly, that Earl of Squirrel is now a Noble and Ridgescale Tusker is finally a Pangolin.

Do you ever just stop and think about the existence of [[Goblin Game]] and just what series of processes allowed it to be printed in black border?

Oh, neat, even though "Heroic" as an ability word didn't come back for THB, there's still 5 cards that are similar. Exclusively in Red and White, they all have "When you target (this) with a spell, creatures you control get +1/+0 until end of turn." *and* they have Hero in the name. Neat. I need to reconsider my Feather Brawl deck.

And thanks to MTG Wiki, I've got a list of the Limited archetypes for the set, and can see what I can hope for accordingly during prerelease.

I've watched Nizzahon's Limited reviews for White and Blue ( and luckily nothing in the Blue commons/uncommons jumps out for being particularly fun or interesting for me. The minor subtheme of "cast spells on opponent's turn" in U/R might appeal, but I have a feeling I'd enjoy other things paired with Red anyway.

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