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Okay, I've done it.

I've identified 15 cards with unique art that feature a rabbit or rabbit-like creature.

I'm not counting moonfolk. Sorry, Tamiyo.

List of those (and other things):

If you know of any cards with anything bunny-related on them not on this list, please let me know.

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I'm a budget casual player of , mostly , though I've dipped into .

Most of my cards come from RTR and Theros blocks, when I got into the game. I have a much lower budget now, and try to stick to cards that I already have in my pool.

I play primarily Naya :red::green::white: and subsets.

I keep inventory of cards I have and decks I've built over at

I don't play MTGO or Arena much.

now friends and I are trying to find rules to support or deny Yedora's ability to make morph creatures practically immortal

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[[Yedora, Grave Gardener]] is extra good when you also have [[Ruin Ghost]]

like, I honestly had no idea that normal set drafting was seen as being so incredibly low powered

makes me want to rethink my goals of my cube

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I found this great video about Cube design that introduced me to an easier way to talk about power levels, as well as help me realize how much power disparity there can be in cubes.

Strix scale goes from 1-10, with 1 being like a retail draft environment, 5 for kitchen table modern, and 10 being most powered cubes.

random card idea 

Fearsome Blade, 1B
Destroy target nonblack, nonartifact creature.

cube blathering 

maybe I should think less about singleton cube drafting, and be more open to taking cues from set design...

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cube blathering 

unpowered, slower; no mana rocks under 3 cmc, no creatures under 3 cmc that aren't vanilla or utility, dual lands etb tapped

Azorius - flying, tapping/freezing, bounce, -X/-0
Dimir - mill, drain, zombies
Rakdos - goblins, -1/-1 counters, aristocrats
Gruul - big creatures, stomp and burn
Selesnya - weenies, lifegain, anthems, blink

all subject to change

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Current Cube status: decided on restrictions, picked ally colors, choosing draft mechanics, picking 5 uncommons and 2 legendaries for each that support those mechanics, and overthinking way too much. Not necessarily in that order.

Finally, a minotaur in a new set! Updated icon pic.

I think I have a new favorite Magic: the Gathering card:

A fascinating look at the color balance of Strixhaven and how it defines them creatively in new ways:
(it doesn't mention mechanics much)

edh effect playspaces 

mono white commander with "whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, create a 1/1 white Cleric token with lifelink"

black/green commander/support with "elf creatures you control have "‎:tap:‎, sacrifice this creature: add one mana of any color"

some black effect like "whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, you may pay 2 life. If you do, draw a card during your next upkeep"

Oooo, [[Monologue Tax]] hopefully a more budget-friendly (and less salty) Smothering Tithe.

Prismari student actors who planeswalk to Eldraine to stage a play inside a gingerbread house so they can safely chew the scenery all they like.

Apparently there's no fancy trailer for Strixhaven, but there is this goofy South Park esque animation showing off the five colleges.
Still kinda cute.

I'm too busy to find and link right now, but with Strixhaven previews, oh boy what a time to be a Boros Commander player!

When no one was looking, [[Osgir, the Reconstructor]] + [[Anointed Procession]] + [[Myr Battlesphere]] made 40 1/1 Myr tokens. Forty 1/1 Myr tokens. That's as many as four tens. And that's terrible.

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