On the to to play ALL the Pauper side events! :blobaww:

Went 2-1 in both events I played at GP Brussels. Still in Love with UB Delver, but the matchups I lost (Burn and to a lesser extent Elves) seem rough without some more SB tech like Cartouche of Ambition :blobthinking:

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I want to commemorate the day that I splurged on the white M20 precon deck to get the Ajani, Inspiring Leader that comes with it, forgot that those come with a single booster included, and then HIT THE JACKPOT WITH THAT BOOSTER.

So it's true that there is no market platform like card market in the US and people have to use shops for selling/buying singles?

Omg, MTGO is so incredibly bad at showing you which card your opponent voted for with Will of the Council...

2-1 in Pauper cube draft tonight with a sweet r/w, sorta go-wide Aggro deck with 3 trumpet blast effects. Drafting felt weird because every card in the cube seems so strong

Gonna play a casual M20 draft later and have no idea what's good but I also really need a nap so there won't be enough time to read up...

Went 4-0 with Jeskai today and then lost to burn in the last round. I think I like it better than plain Boros and it feels stronger too. Ephemerate on an evoked Mulldrifter... delicious!

So after going 5-0 with it, I've definitely been losing more games than I've won with Pauper Boros and I'm starting to consider switching decks. I enjoy midrange, but going aggro (Stompy) or control (Tron) might just be stronger...

Wow, got paired against Familiars two rounds in a row this Pauper league and I'm exhausted...

I should also be actively looking for that myself once I've boarded in my own Ancient Grudges in the Astro mirror

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geez, I keep playing Glint Hawks into Ancient Grudge on my only artifact. Gonna have to remember that...

Just went 5-0 in a league for the first time!

Pauper just became a sanctioned format and got a lot of new cards by combining paper and mtgo legality, very exciting news!

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And somehow I find myself playing Izzet Phoenix on ...

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So I don't really care about Standard and while some of it is just over the top (fireworks in the feature area) the production and cast of commentators of the Mythic Championship is actually quite entertaining.


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