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@mycroft It's a "rural american folklore of the dust bowl era" themed plane, so yes!

@mycroft Oh no too late I already thought of how it would fit into my homebrew plane and came up with flavor text and everything...

But here's just the art too...

@mycroft @/Sheepwave on twitter is really good, I don't know if she's done this card specifically though.

Alter(ha)nately, I could see what I can cobble together in and MSE?

@theloregoyfs How do these Protean Hulks keep giving birth to/hatching things that aren't Protean Hulks?

Half the time they just give birth to Some People, it seems like. That can't be normal.

Your fate is upon you, Titus. Airport Sam cannot save you, however popular he may be. You can no longer hide in the recession or in the end of of the animal row.

She has found you, Titus.



It costs extra to write a letter, your boat is getting shot at, and you're about to get in a fight during the Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock action flick Speed.

I'm not sure this group really is all that fantastic.


Some would have you believe that you have no choice but to donate an invisible Scarabius legacy. But we are born free of it. That's just science.


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@newdarkcloud @mycroft

I have her in the 99, but as commander she didn't mesh with my play style.

You can't except the officer to fly the airplane, or the airplane! He has to keep an animal on your stock, obviously. Leave that to the flight attendant.


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@mycroft @newdarkcloud

EnBantress is honestly my favorite version of that archetype. Kestia the cultivator is awesome.

How are Black Letters so effective? The secret is in their confidence! Also in their joining together when they need to make a story disappear... but it's probably mostly the confidence thing!


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I'm still W/B, which is NOT just Orhov for reasons I needn't relitigate again.

He's got flair, he's got gas, he's the creation of a War Devils, as long as there is no fear, he can NOT be prevented, and he's modelling the new fall collection from Hellflowwear!



How about "EO SWINE?"

Like, pigs that are fans of the Micheal Jackson based Disney park attraction?

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