@DialMforMara and I got talking about MtG and how I would make an RPG that used magic more like how it was in some of the early novels and how Jodah used it and now it seems I have to write a blog post. (Parts inspired by seeing how @ajanionthespot runs his D&D MtG game)

Knowing how to insult Nicol Bolas is a crucial skill, please refer to this helpful guide for some ideas.

-Tips for Novice Planeswalkers, Informative Pamphlet, Gatewatch Reception Office

Art: patreon.com/Abitofperspective

I get that there are players, I just don't see how running a race is possible with rules like these.

Art: Daren Bader

I've been doing this for a while, but I can still get distracted during the translation process and wind up with no idea how it got from the card to the result.

I love that.

Art: douglasshuler.com

@mycroft Ok, so, I HAD to make the obvious one, but I indulged myself with a Deep Cut as well.

@DialMforMara It looks very familiar, actually. Have I seen this piece before?

1) Shooting as soon as he gets into a fight-
2) Pretty sure "Mother Son" is an obsolete swear, and-
3) Putting the black mana symbols around the keyword like an old forum username?

Mournwhelk is an edgelord.

Art: mtg.gamepedia.com/Jeremy_Jarvi

@DialMforMara What if they name each adventure half, on each creature that has one, "Quest of Such and Such?"

Is that why Urza put so much effort into it? He needed help with his witchcraft?

He could have just touched it.

Art: chasestoneart.com

Something just occurred to me.

They said they wanted to get back to Zendikar's roots as "the adventure plane," right?

The last time we went to Zendikar, adventure wasn't a keyword.

Now it is.

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