The director's just released the results of their investigation into the magic of Georgia! Good news for the Gift Bone industry, bad news for some of the animals in this game.

Art: Dominick Domingo

It's great when Nikra Wolver gets that life, but it's also cool when Nikra Volbar puts his feet on people.

I hope those happen back to back.

Art: Dave Dorman

@newdarkcloud Indeed.

But the ambiguity is "which depowered Heliod's spear: the "this is true one" or the "that is fake one?"

@newdarkcloud Though I'll grant that WotC might not have bothered coming up with an answer to that question.

I don't know if it follows from "you can create a new god by believing in them, and alter the powers of an existing god by believing things about them" that "forgetting about a god undoes them."

Like, it could be that the changes collective belief makes to the fabric of Nyx are self-sustaining, and not require sustained belief to be maintained.

"At the beginning of your precombat main phase, exile target card from a graveyard. If it was a land card, add :red: or :green:. Otherwise, you gain 2 life and Klothys deals 2 damage to each opponent." makes a lot more sense as an ability if you think of it being meant for a Persephonic figure.

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This JUST hit me.

Remember all the puzzlement about [[Klothys, God of Destiny]]? About the "why is a destiny god :red: :green: ? That doesn't fit with a take on the Fates!"

Because Klothys isn't a take on the fates. The hint is she lives in the underworld.

She's a take on PERSEPHONE.

Probably specifically the pre-hellenic, Mycanean Liner-B, "Kore/Despoina, Dread Persephone, don't ever say her name because it'll make her notice you" version.

@mycroft Ah, ok.

I don't see any way to template that isn't just... spelling it out. Or putting it in a silver border and trusting players to intuit how Playertrample ought to work.

@mycroft The timing on that first ability might need to be reworded a little, but you get what I mean.

Who's to blame when Sarah's mom launches a coup, when the 1/1 table can't deal with a player, and you have to plan a funeral?

It must be Vab!

("Must Be Vab," 6/5 central, coming this fall to the CW.)


My collection's almost complete! I've got Barser, and the Army Man, I just need the Bass Baker and then I'll have the sword's whole family! At last my quest will be over!


I think this is the first time I've had Google Translate turn something into an Energy. I guess it must have been necessary, if today's going to be about War. AGAIN.


Modern Horizons 2 

@storycircle @mycroft My guess is:
1) they wanted it to have a cmc of 0, and/or
2) they wanted it to fit the Tower, Mine, Power Plant theme?

If only he had had asked first, before doing all those different explosions people like so, then maybe now the climate wouldn't be so strict.


This is Patches, he wanted to see mountain animals, he figured out how to do that all by himself.

He's beautiful.


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