The forest was like nothing Ariel had seen before. The tall, straight trees reminded her of Selesnya's cathedral groves, but the ground below was completely untended; aside from the path on which she walked, and on which Tigris and Venqwyn were somewhere behind her chatting about something or other, no one had swept in years. Instead of the short, lush grass of the vernadi and the other forests she'd seen on Onumbrica, the ground was carpeted in dead leaves.

Being yourself sounds hard, but you have to do it. The mermaid does, and she's fine! And look how much fun content you get to add for all the animals!

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You might think that being a planeswalker, like Urza, would mean non-stop vacations, but most evenings you just spend dealing with Yummsu and his laziness.

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@DialMforMara She could learn about those events now, if they got discussed on or near a telemancy line. But that wouldn't help for things that nobody nowadays knows about.

@DialMforMara That's a good question...

The cloud forms don't seem to be able to perceive time clearly or linearly. It's possible that she saw events in the Cyclone-to-Telemancy period, but not in an order that makes sense. It might be like trying to recall a very complicated dream that you swear made sense while you were having it but on waking is nonsense.

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I am understanding correctly that it's a commenwealth WW1 memorial thing, probably popularized by a Rudyard Kipling poem?

@DialMforMara Onumbrica hasn't had any official wars. There've been Pinkertons-style violent suppression of workers and farmers by Sheriffs. But the Senate has been very explicit that those don't count.

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It would be reasonable to suppose that Narwahye does/did, if she's "Peace of Hearth:' that's an explicitly domestic sort of thing to be a goddess of.

If any of the remaining three did, you haven't found any evidence of it.

@DialMforMara Ohhh, that is good...

That sounds blue/black to me? Like the thematic equivalent of appalachia?

Onumbrica Card 

Onumbrica Card 

Onumbrica Card 

I don't put in the mana cost, so Translate can't mess with the card's color. But sometimes it still tries to do things like turning a green card black.

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