Maybe if you did something to make the giants and pilots suffer less, working with the cold and fire wouldn't be as hard?

Ah well. Might as well game on.


I'm so happy that I finally get to share this with you all. @ajanionthespot invited me a while back to sit down and play Exceptionals, a game about community, activism, and kinetic eye beams with its creator Sahoni.

With Nenekiri and khaki completing the party, we were ready to tackle... the Not-So-Perfect Storm!

And you can listen to the audio directly on Anchor:

REALLY excited to share a session of a friend's new game, Exceptionals, that I got to play in! You probably want to check this out if you're interested any combination of Indie TTRPGs and marginalized identities!

Turns out the only part of recording and posting a podcast that was not way more difficult than I anticipated is the ACTUAL recording, but I managed it in the end!

Kaldheim nickname ideas 

@orb_warded_kor_warlord @SliverQueen

[[Blizzard Brawl]] Everybody wants to be Surrak Dragonclaw.

There's a lot going on in this one, chaps and anti-daughters, better get a cart to hold it all!


I'll agree this is not breakcard. But, as someone who went to grad school in philosophy, this is also NOT the story of Hegel, at ALL. DO NOT copy and paste this information, you will fail your paper!


You are not the player we seek. You do not have a clutch card. You can stop playing, put your cards away, and log out.

You can log back in for drinks at 3:00. Until then, no doubt, you will focus on anger.


Performing LIVE, at Scary Fiesta, it's BLOOD HORROR!
Appearing in place of Ferserker who have been removed from the card!


Account transfer is done now, and followers are crossing over. So I guess it's time for an .

Hi, I'm Alex (they/them), one of the WUBRG admins. I moved over to this account because I wanted a username that didn't reference my old name.

I do a lot of Commander variant brewing, most recently a [[Lathiel]] tokens deck and a speculative :golgari: Elves list for Kaldheim Brawl. Eighty percent of what I build has green in it.

Filthy Commie UNION talk 

@DialMforMara Oh yeah, I do mean "old timey newsreel voice" and that would be a perfect excuse to use it!

Filthy Commie UNION talk 

@DialMforMara As far as you can tell, that's (maybe?) one of the things Sturmkraw is working on now.

Filthy Commie UNION talk 

@DialMforMara I get it, that's the same reason I made a fake "" email address.

Filthy Commie UNION talk 

Amazon apparently decided to put up a "share your thoughts about why unions are bad actually" form:

So I did my part.

We'll return to the irregularly scheduled "translate all the sagas" stretch I was apparently on, but I had to take a break for Lil' Pupper.

Turns out, the flavor text agrees.


The Lite version of this saga isn't just more valuable, it heals this thing instead of hurting the citizen!


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