This is first I've seen the card type get eaten by the rules text like this. On the plus side "We add an unpleasant language" is a strong contender for a motto for Google Translate.

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@Lanceleoghauni This is true and you should say it.

The only counter example I can think of is enchantment work: black really doesn't have options for enchantment destruction without splashing green for Assassins's Trophy or Pernicious Deed or something.

I don't care how sincere you are about it, if this is your introduction, I'm stopping you right there.

Art by: (WARNING site is mildly NSFW)

I was actually able to track which word the GGGG upkeep cost turned into here. I'm very confident nobody will be able to guess it.

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Will Ariel find Onumbrica's world soul? Will Tebasha get a decently close look at the train-pulling automata? Will Tarjuk ever get used to the idea of currency? What happens when Jake Leg gets a drink? And can they trust Seth Sulimo?

Tune in next time to find out!

-Rose Sirmilo, a railroad engineer and local celebrity. She was in town to drive the Gilded Grizzly, a lion-headed automaton (there was an accident and the foundry was out of replacement bear heads) pulling a streetcar. She seemed not to trust either Seth or Jake, but she's offered to help the party to their next stop on the journey to North Metropolis.

He brought an ally from the Booklegger spell smugglers, a scrawny orc named Jake Leg that talked like if Boomhauer had been a McElroy brothers character. Seth repeatedly stressed that under NO circumstances should they let him have a drink.

Jake Leg proved to have a very run down vehicle, though he was a less than reassuring driver. And he gave them a lift to the nearest town.

Here they met a surprisingly patient soltari banker, a newspaperman, an aven short-order diner cook, and-

In the morning, they went on their way and discovered some unusual flowers growing in the roadside ditch, with odd emotional effects when picked. They suspected that the telemancy lines might have been leaking and contaminating the plant life with bits of old spells. Venqwyn took a sample.

But before they could investigate any further Seth the Aven wind mage returned.

Comparatively light D&D&MtG Recap:

The party was wakened in the middle of the night by distant thunder, and took shelter in an abandoned barn. The storm before it hit took the form of some kind of wolf-headed man, illuminated by lightning and possibly aware of their presence.

Both the Tarjuk the cleric/shaman and Ariel the druid tried their own ways to contact it, with no success.

@DialMforMara @mycroft Best guess she wasn't deemed plot central enough. Rat is probably wearing fur becuase of the "raised by Gruul" thing. It's not like any canon images of her exist, as far as I'm aware.

@DialMforMara @mycroft I think I'm gonna go with Rat. 1) Always standimg next to Teyo. 2) Not even chibi manga Arlin should be capable of looking this un-mom-ly.

@DialMforMara @mycroft Wow. Arlin needs to finish up this war soon so she can back to Innistrad and turn in her book report I guess.

@DialMforMara @mycroft Wait... was that not Rat? I thought that was supposed to be Rat!

Link to check it out yourself. I can't read Japanese, but the visual storytelling is really good and so if you know the plot already you kinda don't need to?

And I love how they recreated specific card art as panels.

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