To speak to a Mystery Merchant, press 2 and 3 WITHOUT dialing them, then dial 2. Please be ready to say whether you are calling about a x-ray, or a larger x-ray. Calls will be answered in any order or backwards.


Knowing how to insult Nicol Bolas is a crucial skill, please refer to this helpful guide for some ideas.

-Tips for Novice Planeswalkers, Informative Pamphlet, Gatewatch Reception Office


I get that there are players, I just don't see how running a race is possible with rules like these.

Art: Daren Bader

I've been doing this for a while, but I can still get distracted during the translation process and wind up with no idea how it got from the card to the result.

I love that.


1) Shooting as soon as he gets into a fight-
2) Pretty sure "Mother Son" is an obsolete swear, and-
3) Putting the black mana symbols around the keyword like an old forum username?

Mournwhelk is an edgelord.


Is that why Urza put so much effort into it? He needed help with his witchcraft?

He could have just touched it.


Your fate is upon you, Titus. Airport Sam cannot save you, however popular he may be. You can no longer hide in the recession or in the end of of the animal row.

She has found you, Titus.



It costs extra to write a letter, your boat is getting shot at, and you're about to get in a fight during the Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock action flick Speed.

I'm not sure this group really is all that fantastic.


Some would have you believe that you have no choice but to donate an invisible Scarabius legacy. But we are born free of it. That's just science.


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