Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

Thinking about something @storycircle said, about how their character Ariel wouldn't fit in any of the colleges because of a personality/color identity mis-sorting problem.

And I'm wondering how beholden to 'both' colors in their identities the colleges are.

Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

Like, Ariel is not a good fit for either the Quandrix Blue half or green half, but that leaves just Ariel's white left.

And while I can see Ariel being a very good fit for the "History and Archeology" of Lorehold or the "Literature and Rhetoric" of Silverquil, there's a color in each that isn't in their color identity.

Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

And I realize I'm in the same boat: Seth Sulimo is a performance artist and an elementalist (his pre-spark class was actually bard,) but he's white blue, not red. He ought to fit Prismari, except for the color.

So, what about monocolor cards?

Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

The one Strixhaven story we've got, at time of this writing, seems to imply that within the same college a person can be only one of the colors. It's literally about a student smuggling because their teacher insists on teaching them like they're blue, when in fact they're red.

Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

And yes, the double-face Dean card cycles are all dual color, but each side represents a different person, and those people are clearly monocolor. At least in this role.

And "role" is may be the key, here. In a different situation, different parts of someone personality matter, get used, are brought up. Others aren't. To use myself as an example: there's social circles in which I'm monowhite, ones in which I'm monoblack, ones in which I'm both.

Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

And there's certainly precedent for WotC printing cards of walkers in a single color after that walker has been printed with multiple colors.

Ajani, the character, is WRG. But most of his cards are just W.

So maybe there's potentially an Ariel, Guest Lecturer on Interdeity Rhetoric card that's monowhite, or a Seth, Squall Line Harmonizer that's monoblue.

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