D&DMtG update 

In tonight's session:

We've sent Seth to organize a Wayside Parliament for the gods, because they've all been avoiding each other and we want them to give us a consensus on who the Second Wave are and who we need them to be.

Firiel has invited Tebasha to a manufacturer's conference, to start working on masks for embodying the Second Wave gods. So we're splitting the party.

Tarjuk will be going to Lest We Forget to try his spirit quest thing again. Tigris is staying with Tarjuk,

D&DMtG update (2/ ) 

but also doesn't want to miss out on going up to the glacier with Ariel and Venqwyn to talk to Arcoreas. So he asked me if I could do some kind of psychic link thing for us, and that's about the most romantic thing Ariel has ever heard. (Also Venqwyn and I just worked out how to cast [[Huddle Up]] , so I can actually do that.)

All 4 of us planeswalkers had the same extremely creepy dream about a dead world and a bizarre monster, and Miss Chaplet was there for some reason.

D&DMtG update (aside) 

side note to @ajanionthespot : were we on first-name terms with Miss Chaplet at the end of last season? I remember she was particular about that.

But, given the chance, Ariel *will* start calling her Theo.


D&DMtG update (aside) 

@storycircle I don't think it was ever firmly established, but it easily be that whatever you're comfortable calling her is what was agreed on.

D&DMtG update (aside) 

@ajanionthespot yeah, we do have a date planned ish

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