Hunter's Insight is a card that works in a deck I'm building, but TN is artist. Any recommendations for art replacement for use on a printed proxy for home use?

@mycroft @/Sheepwave on twitter is really good, I don't know if she's done this card specifically though.

Alter(ha)nately, I could see what I can cobble together in and MSE?

@ajanionthespot a scribble would be great! just the art needed, I use my own MSE settings for proxy cards

@mycroft Oh no too late I already thought of how it would fit into my homebrew plane and came up with flavor text and everything...

But here's just the art too...

@ajanionthespot is that a coyote?

Neat, it was for a Garruk Tribal deck so I was going to keep the quote, but that's pretty good too.

Reminds me of "You can't run away from trouble, ain't no place that far."

@mycroft It's a "rural american folklore of the dust bowl era" themed plane, so yes!

@ajanionthespot Friends saw the Hunter's Insight card and took a closer look, I told them about how it was flavored from your custom setting, they liked it.

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