Oh boy. Have I got a drop for you all today.

I was trying to decide which version of from the to translate. I couldn't make up my mind.

So I did them all.

Fresh translation run each time.

This one is giving an honest assessment of how much sugar is in the serum. Doesn't look like it'll be a positive one.

Art by: laurenys.com

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This one can be yours, and for less than whatever the cost of whatever "memely high" is. It's about the same as the secret price of weaving, if that helps.

Art by: juxtapoz.com/news/illustrat

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If I'm doing the same card four times, I should try to learn something about the process, right? So I experimented.

This one was English > Hawaiian > Back. It's an effective answer for whatever deck Gul Madred has brought to the interrogation.

Art by: kristinacollantes.com

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And finally, a technique I've never done before and never will again because it took so long, this one went through every language Google Translate can do, in alphabetical order.

Art by: zuverza.com/selected-work/2019

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