@ajanionthespot Editing my article. What is the CON save DC against a creature with deathtouch?

@DialMforMara Whatever the caster's spell save DC is. When and if any summoned creature's ability calls for a save, the DC is the caster's spell save DC.

@DialMforMara A caster's spell save DC is always 8 + their profeciency bonus + the ability modifier of their spellcasting ability.

So, a 3rd level druid with a wisdom of 16 would have a save DC of 8 + 2 (prof) + 3 (wisdom modifier) = 13. So that would be the DC for the CON save rolled against any of their deathtouch creatures.

@ajanionthespot @DialMforMara death touch wouldn't just outright kill an opponent that failed the save would it? That seems too powerful


@Jmaurer @DialMforMara If they're plot critical the DM is advised to have them merely temporarily incapacitated or come up with some way around that.

@ajanionthespot @DialMforMara and if they are not? Since our group is mostly green based we could just roll a bunch of dice with sedge scorpions and other 1 drop death touchers. I wouldn't do this cause I'm building to thematically match Tarjuk but it seems very breakable.

@Jmaurer @DialMforMara Well, to my mind that's kinda the point of D&D, is that you don't have to let the rules be the last word about what happens. That's the whole point of having a DM, is to have someone who can take the rules and the results of the rules and jigsaw them together into a satisfying story.

With MtG, you have the card texts, and they say what HAS to happen. By bringing that into D&D, you can instead make the card text what CAN happen, and make up the rest of the story together.

@ajanionthespot @Jmaurer what I'm going to say is "Failing the save can be fatal, or just incapacitate the target for the rest of combat at your DM’s discretion."

@DialMforMara @ajanionthespot @Jmaurer If you're trying to go for 5e design guidelines, then a single save-or-die or save-or-suck roll is inadvised.

Consider possibly a poison effect of some type (either ongoing damage or condition), or look to petrification for guidelines roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Fl

It's not instant death, but mtg combats are more like whole 5e encounters, where they're given a chance to heal and recharge, rather than 5e rounds.

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