On tonight's episode of Just Hurry Up And Spark Already...

Mirrodin. A plane grown harsh and corroded, and the home plane of Tabasha, a leonin aritificer monk (played by @Tayatranscendent,) now living in hiding with their friends-
-Astibar, Auriok Cleric (@DialMforMara)
-Memnuos, Vedalkan Ranger (@SliverQueen)
-Theremin, Myr fighter (@Jmaurer)

Our heroes lives in hiding were disturbed when they cited a porcelain-faced minion of Elesh Norn, searching the Furnace Layer too close to their hideout for comfort. They determined to strike out, in search of some more secure hiding place.

What they found instead was an agent of Urabrask the Hidden, with three non-compleated hirelings. They claimed to be looking for someone called "The Father of Machines," who had gone missing.

Nobody had ever heard of him.

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Memnuous decided that was enough diplomacy, and put a judicious few crossbow bolts into him. The fight wasn't long, as the hirelings weren't particularly loyal, but he did almost hit Tabasha with some kind of lava-ray before he was taken down.

The hirelings were a little upset, but were honestly really understanding toward the random strangers that just killed their boss and put them out of a job. Then again, their boss was an unliving corruptive monstrosity.

Like all bosses, AMIRITE?!

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They followed the hireling's tracks, and along the way found Epochrasite tracks as well, back toward a fairly large refugee camp: mostly Vulshok, but there were a handful of elves, some goblins, a Moriok or two, and an Auriok elder that gave Astibar an honestly heartwarming moment: "Thought you were the last one too, huh kid?"

The camp leader proved to have contingency plans, and asked them to find a way to a vent, leading from the furnace layer to the surface, that could be used as an escape.

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On the way there, they ran into a Neurok minion of Jin-Gitaxias, wearing a shapeshifting cloak, and following the party until they either led him to an escape route, or to something worth selling to Gitaxias.

He ran. He didn't get far.

Tabasha tried to salvage and repair the stealth suit, and found themselves fascinated with visualizing the mana flow through the circuitry, feeling a recognition for the pattern of it, as if it were a face in a crowd that they recognized but couldn't name...

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...and they almost didn't notice themselves falling forward, into the mana pattern, away from the world.

Tune in next time, for Tarkir!

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