Ok, because I'm really pleased with where the story went, and the subject matter is relevant, I'm gonna give a quick recap of the game.

Feel free to mute the thread if you're not interested.

We started with a little no-context cold open. Some people--humans, an orc, a werewolf, and a bird--were up to some crimes as a thunderstorm rolled in. There seemed to somebody very large inside the storm.

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And then we were on Zendikar, at an expedition camp something to do with the recovery efforts post-eldrazi. Venqwyn, a merfolk wizard, Daudga, a human ranger, Zuldun, a kor barbarian, and Saqoth, a vampire bard were one of several scouting parties sent out to investigate rumors of an Eldrazi sighting.

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They found a large Hedron, apparently fallen and crashed in the midst of a Nissa-regrown jungle on top of some of Kozilek's bismuth wasteland. Somebody had opened the Hedron, and inside they saw tentacles.

After exchanging a few attacks, the party decided that they had no idea how many Eldrazi were inside this hedron, and they needed to go back for reinforcements.

That got complicated when they realized they were being followed.

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A detour through a narrow cannon brought them face to face with what looked like a Kozilek's Translator...

...until an impulsive attack from Zuldun revealed it to be made of the Zendikari equivalent of cardboard and plywood.

At which point an ambush was sprung, with arrows, which, you know, Eldrazi aren't known for using.

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But before this mystery could be solved, Venqwyn tried a spell that went VERY strange, and they found themselves falling through an infinity of bright light, in some direction that wasn't down.

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Meanwhile, on Ravnica...

Ariel, a bookish Selesnya druid, got voluntold by her grandmother into an interguild task force investigating the theft of a blueprint from an Izzet archive.

Along came Cazmir, a talkative and self-important Boros arrester, an impatient Izzet Goblin technician, and Milo, the Dimir bookstore clerk that Ariel maybe-sorta dated once or twice, and now it's awkward.

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At the scene of the break in, they learned that the stolen blueprint was for something called "project lightning bug," which none of them had ever heard of. The found the print of a three-fingered hand in the dust, tampering with the security system, and a smear of thrull ichor in the ventilation shaft.

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Following some clues from Milo's dimir contacts, they tracked the Thrulls to the home of one Monsignor Tyodai, a vampire semi-retired from the Orzhov and living quietly in a nice neighborhood.

Cazmir tried to bluster his way in at the front gate past a very unimpressed thrull, while the others went around the back, climbed up an overgrown black wisteria, and in over a third floor balcony.

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Inside, they found not the stolen blueprint, but a small stash of slightly metallic blueish pebbles.

They also found Mnsr. Tyodai, who helpfully monologued about how beautiful the Lazotep Eternals had been, and the possibilities of doing the same to thrulls.

And then all his thrulls came in.

Ziziki threw scorching rays, Ariel entangled them with vines, and Milo pushed Ariel out of the room, told her to run, and shapeshifted into a duplicate of her.

Cazmir was still downstairs.

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But as Ariel ran, she found herself falling, more than running, down a hallway that not only seemed too long, but seemed to be coming apart and turning to mist...

And that was or first session! Tune in next tome for... Mirrodin!

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Monsignor Tyodai, if the fight had gone longer, was going to be revealed to be a blood artist--each time a Thrull died, one of the players would have taken 1d4 damage and he would have regained the same amount of HP.

And believe it or not, he has actually shown up in some of my earlier work, from last year...

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@ajanionthespot is *that* where you got his name. Go figure. And now that thing he did where he killed the thrull makes sense.

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