"each booster pack will contain a planeswalker." So, @SliverQueen, I think you can consider THAT rumor substatiated... except it's not the prerelease packs. It's just the PACKS.


First things first: HE

All leading the Selesnya Squirrel Corps into battle, decapitating an eternal with his bare hand.

A Joyous New Ajani Day to You and Yours.

Secondly: They seem to be putting Brandon Sanderson's walker in the game! Which is exciting.

Third: We've got all the favorites we were expecting... Samut, Vivian, Huatli... and some we weren't: Ashiok! Tibalt! Jiang Yangu! Possibly Mu Yanling if that's who it is under that stylish planeswalking hat!

But... who is this?!

I at least have a guess for everyone else, but not for this person!

The closest thing I have to a guess is... "is Emmara going to Spark?!"

But I'll admit the colors look wrong for that... so is this someone from the Dominarian Serran Church? Emrakul taking an 'Emeria' form after deciding she wants to get to know Tamiyo and Nissa? WHO?!

Fourth: I'm... regarding this as confirmation of my "Nicol Bolas plans to eat other people's sparks" theory:

@ajanionthespot No idea who this gal might be (looks Azorius to me. Maybe Lavinia sparks?), but doesn't that kinda look like Teferi's staff?

Potential Spoiler for Children of the Nameless 

@ajanionthespot I might need to make a Squirrels deck now, it may only want three silver-bordered cards

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