Ok, Singleton event on .

Some guy plays a turn two rat colony. I think "Oh no, he isn't..."

Turn three, rat colony again. I think "There's nothing in your deck but rat colony, is there?!"

Turns out there was a way to check, because when I played Ixalan's Binding he immediately conceded.

@ajanionthespot Oo, Singleton is back?? Time to dust off the Petitioners!

(Orrrr maybe 19 petitioners, 19 rats)

@SliverQueen Yeah, it's a free event this weekend. Play as much as you want till you hit two losses, then just start again.

@ajanionthespot Oo, free. I thought it was 500 coins before. Reward is 1-3 cards, I assume?

@SliverQueen Alt-art cards. Getting 1-4 wins gets you an Urza's Saga art Duress, hitting 5 gets you a promo art Ghalta (which I haven't managed.)

@ajanionthespot @SliverQueen 5 wins is Ghalta(sweet art on that if you ask me, got one) AND a Duress.

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