Looking for a template for making custom Tips & Tricks cards (the cards explaining the rules that used to be in booster packs before tokens were more common).

So far, the best I'm finding is "tips and tricks for custom card creation," which is not the same thing at all

Update: the advanced version of Magic Set Editor had what I needed

Now I have three weeks to figure out what kind of background to put on the cards and how to un-justify the text alignment

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@DialMforMara I know if you go into the 'style' tab, second from the left, there ought to be a drop down menu labeled "center text." That might be the closest to what you want that MSE has?

@DialMforMara I don't either...

It's possible that the template you're using for the tips card doesn't support it? It might appear if you switched to a different card style, which doesn't help.

For what it's worth, if the card I'm seeing on the left there is what it looks like without finding this option? It looks fine.

@ajanionthespot I want to get rid of the weirdly large space after "Planeswalkers"


@DialMforMara Hmm. I guess what I would try is changing the phrasing, so that 'resell' isn't the word it tries to line-break on, or there are more words before 'resell.'

Hypenating 're-sell' might also do it.

Another option might be to put empty space after the end of the sentence, so that forces it to shift the whole sentence backward.

MSE can be very weird, fickle, and picky about where it wants to make the line breaks go: it took so much fiddling when I was doing the sagas in dominaria.

@ajanionthespot Hyphenating resell didn't do it; I'll work on rewording it later.

Is there a way to make it not turn a number into a mana cost? Like "repeat from step 1"--it automatically puts the 1 in a circle with an extra-wide space in front of it

@DialMforMara Yeah.

If there's something you want to be a mana symbol, that isn't, put it in brackets, like:

If there's something you don't want to be a mana symbol, that is, put it in inside-out brackets, like:

(also works for T as the tap symbol)

Oh, that just makes me sad that the masters 25 art of brainstorm isn't high contrast enough to work as one of the custom emoji...

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