And maybe after you've told us what you see in it, Individual, maybe we could discuss WHY there is a sign that says "If you said it indicates the loss of two cows." By Horst!

Art: indusconcept.com/

Ikoria, two cards 

Ikoria isn’t the Godzilla plane.

It’s the Pokemon plane.

Job opening, birdsite link 

WotC is finally adding THE card the game has been missing for YEARS: a card called Eudrow!

I have no further information about Eudrow.

Art: jesperejsing.com/

As a man, I Sing the Knn of Pigs every time. If you've got a better way to make 1 other card, I'd love to hear it.

Art: artstation.com/ilsegort

We finish, of course, with Giraincharo and her army of Famous Animals. Because it might have all been nonsense, but we still have the power to say it.

Art: magali-villeneuve.com

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This might be the best I've ever gotten. The way the list starts off correct, slow burns to a LITTLE BIT wrong, and finishes with nonsense? And THE CATHETER? Bravo, Google Translate. Bravo.

Art: artstation.com/guterrez

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Ugh, we GET it, Jamal. You created humanity, you think they're pretty epic! Just remember to give some credit to the custodians, since I'm pretty sure thou didst not set thine own nest, there.

Art: patreon.com/vargasni

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Since spoiler seaons for and are both going at the same time, and both going as fast as they can, we're going to be playing catch-up and doing all five official commanders today.

Otrimi just wants to encourage you to Be Autonomous! After all, They Are.

Art: artstation.com/victoradameart


It's so important to give touches of flavor to new planes. So on Ikoria they made sure to include this... sassy shakespearean teen, I guess.

Art: linktr.ee/sebmckinnon

Well, that last ability sounds like credit card fraud, so I guess "turning to demons" isn't COMPLETELY inaccurate...

Art: artstation.com/lasahido

Ariel and Venqwyn advise him to start by looking for the legends the people there have. What do they say happened? That's maybe the best place to start. Nashi admits that hadn't occurred to him, and promises to try. "It was an honor to meet you, Mistress Ariel, Mistress Tebasha."

And that's all for this session, at least till Tarjuk gets back to report what he found on Tarkir.



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