I'm gonna go out on limb here and say that maybe you should have chosen to cut down on the computer.

Art by: infectedbyart.com/pat_lewis

The breakthrough in the final stages of Ruggobar research was when he realized that black mana causes fear of pet cemeteries and things equivalent to pet cemeteries.

Art by: patreon.com/Fyreant

I don't think I care to listen to any more of your remarks about my baby, sir! What is the nearest exit? The lift up? Well, I definitely don't care where that goes!

Art by: mtg.gamepedia.com/Matt_Cavotta

I've been to Essex. I don't remember anything like, or in the same manner, as this happening.

Art by: moellerillustrations.com

Down with Masters, down with the unsightly, down with Belk, down with one stomach! So says Pam!

Art by: waynereynolds.com

I could tell you how I lost my faith, but that story is confidential. Sorry, just the cost of making mana!

Art by: daarken.com

Look, you can have an equal amount of protection, or you can ghost-target the fantasy adventure. But neither will do you any good if you don't WANT to succeed!

Art by: spiderwebart.com/

I'm beyond thrilled that players are designing signature spells for their planeswalker characters in the D&D game. This is both exactly the kind of thing I hoped would happen, and also not something I expected at all.

Sorry, Google Translate, you managed to pick both wrong sides of the color pie! Tess, you were NEAR the CORRECT answer of 'Forest' so you're taking home today's grand prize... the wishes of the human lake!

Art by: michael-bierek.artstation.com/

D&D&MtG Recap 

D&D&MtG Recap 

D&D&MtG Recap 

D&D&MtG Recap 

D&D&MtG Recap 

D&D&MtG Recap 

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