I just wanted to hear about the guy with the bronze heart, not this powerpoint about the non-product that lets me create! I don't care how amazing it is!

Art: rahnart.com/

Go show LoadingReadyRun some love on Twitch and Twitter if you have the chance. They had a lot of people being real shitty about a product reveal they're doing at the end of the Pre-Prerelease, and I refuse to let that be a representative sample of the player base.

"This Is Just To Say"

That the average housemate
has eaten
3 plums
per year

Which is probably
so false
and so cold

William Carlos Willaims
who lives in the icebox
and eats 10000 plums
for breakfast
is a statistical outlier
forgive me
for counting him

Seems Google Translate had trouble concentrating on useful ideas like spelling, and started trying to order a coffee instead.

Art: artstation.com/suzannehelmigh

Sit down, son, and listen. You don't want to be playing the game, because then you'll just pull rejection. What you want to do is sign up to BET ON the game.

Art: martanael.com/

If I have to catch a cold, I'd rather get one that begins the word fearlessly, doesn't make me remove a card, and makes it rain on the opening ceremonies of some nationalist military organization.

Art: micahepsteinart.com/

C21 Card Preview 

I remain convinced that I pegged Seth Sulimo correctly as "Monoblue Prismari."

I shouldn't have asked Hall Monitor for notes on my script, I know. I just couldn't resist his Beauty.

Art: forrestimel.com/

I can absolutely believe that Lukka thinks yelling "This is not a crime!" while he does them makes all his many crimes perfectly legal. He thinks it's an innovation.

Art: liesetiawan.com/

I don't think I'd want to have to deal with a legal system whose alternatives are "someone gets a level 27 award" or "VERY guilty."

Art: jesperejsing.com/

Don't miss Me and the Student Lawyer, Tonight at 2/3 central! They're a wacky duo, but if you break the spelling law... you'd better run away.

Art: artstation.com/wesleybur

Custom Card Idea 

This would probably be insufferably annoying in Commander, but nonetheless:

I WARNED you your force was going to let these theories ignite a revolution! They'll have to show empty space, and you KNOW how they feel about that! This is why you're always last! You're so DRAMATIC!

Art: steveargyle.com/

Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

And there's certainly precedent for WotC printing cards of walkers in a single color after that walker has been printed with multiple colors.

Ajani, the character, is WRG. But most of his cards are just W.

So maybe there's potentially an Ariel, Guest Lecturer on Interdeity Rhetoric card that's monowhite, or a Seth, Squall Line Harmonizer that's monoblue.

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Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

And yes, the double-face Dean card cycles are all dual color, but each side represents a different person, and those people are clearly monocolor. At least in this role.

And "role" is may be the key, here. In a different situation, different parts of someone personality matter, get used, are brought up. Others aren't. To use myself as an example: there's social circles in which I'm monowhite, ones in which I'm monoblack, ones in which I'm both.

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Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

The one Strixhaven story we've got, at time of this writing, seems to imply that within the same college a person can be only one of the colors. It's literally about a student smuggling because their teacher insists on teaching them like they're blue, when in fact they're red.

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Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

And I realize I'm in the same boat: Seth Sulimo is a performance artist and an elementalist (his pre-spark class was actually bard,) but he's white blue, not red. He ought to fit Prismari, except for the color.

So, what about monocolor cards?

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Strixhaven Colleges and Color Identity Thoughts 

Like, Ariel is not a good fit for either the Quandrix Blue half or green half, but that leaves just Ariel's white left.

And while I can see Ariel being a very good fit for the "History and Archeology" of Lorehold or the "Literature and Rhetoric" of Silverquil, there's a color in each that isn't in their color identity.

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