Mini pictures of crows sounds fine in concept, but I don't get how tying up the babysitter is supposed to contribute to them.


Someday someone needs to look into what makes google translate think that the word "creature" is the Latin equivalent of the name "Lawrence Matthews," because this isn't the first time it's given me that result.

Who is this cheeky man? Who plays such heavenly pranks, which reveal everything so much? Who opposes sweet wines?


No, I don't know who that is either.


Look at that face: wouldn't you trust him to plan an astronaut? Wouldn't you give him a cat creature, if he needed one? Doesn't he seem able capability?


"I'm sure this dream will be easy mode, it's just about passengers and hands! I can handle that!"


The second ability seems very strong--he wins the whole round! By himself!--but read more carefully: it doesn't say YOU, or indeed ANY player, wins the first round. Avoid in tournament play.


Aura Cereal Thrash 2 was a decent sequel, but not enough to justify the enormous price.

How do you do, Fellow Hughmans? Where is the La Bibliotecha!

One sea is not enough! You know what the two Sichuan Houses will do if they don't each get their own sea!

Oh, that's where the conference is: Room II, in Spirit House! Well, reportedly, anyway.

So sometimes when a set has obvious cycles, I like to do all of them in one go:

If your military is small enough that a single battalion is a whole third, then yeah, I think there's scenarios where you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

Alirios has some pretty bad allergies, but fortunately only in his big toe. He can still do the fold-test on the edge of your birth certificate to check if it's a forgery.


I never cared for the Call of Duty series, but it looks like they've just gone completely off the rails.


@DialMforMara @Tayatranscendent @SliverQueen @Jmaurer

Fair warning, I seem to be not over this cold today. If anyone has concerns about catching things, it might be worth postponing the game again. (which, I know, it's over a month at this point.)

Whatever is going on in Wolfville sounds... intense, and is apparently only the beginning.

It's good to know they respect consent, though, you probably don't have to take shelter.

Art (gallery nsfw):

I do always get worried that I'm missing things on holiday, but at least when it's all over I get breakfast.


Theros Spoiler 

I can see why everyone was so divided about that, things being three times as big as fruit is BROKEN.


That’s how artists do things, right? They just… activate the button?


I’m sure Ken Archie is proud of the Miraculous God History they’ve written, but what spelling did they use to type the name?


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