I'll have you know that Sato can count anything: hopes, prayers, apples, pigs, risks of negative effects of control of various temperatures, this wreath here... Just don't mention his lips. He's self-conscious.

Art by: shop.tnielsen.com

If you keep learning the current animals, then the creativity of targeted attacks will keep increasing, and you'll never win the next card!

Art by: organ-kean.com

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Ok, Singleton event on .

Some guy plays a turn two rat colony. I think "Oh no, he isn't..."

Turn three, rat colony again. I think "There's nothing in your deck but rat colony, is there?!"

Turns out there was a way to check, because when I played Ixalan's Binding he immediately conceded.

This is only the second time it's happened, ever, but I LOVE when Google Translate gives me results after just ONE English > Other Language > Back to English cycle.

Art by: marktedin.com/http://www.markt

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A Brazilian Magic blogger shares stories of sexual harassment in the global Magic community.

This is why Lady Planeswalkers is so important: it's the first place I ever really felt safe playing Magic.


I get that you care about Wei, and black 7, and the the three-dimensional organs that control the cycle of death and rebirth, but my lunch break is over in half an hour can we just order?

Art by: fineartamerica.com/profiles/ry

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The Bredhid Member: Implementing an Effective Illusion Solution, for Justice, for Excellence, for Creators Everywhere. Try our new Hunger Roll!(tm)

Art by: Kev Walker

Be careful you're not passing your administrator step without completing the necessary birth and making the blocks that make the fabric, that's a Game Rule Violation at competitive REL.

Art by: Kev Walker (who apparently has no social media presence or portfolio site or anything that I could find?)

No, Google Translate, the Simic keyword is 'Adapt," not "Biology."

Now stop messing around and take this young lady to see the handmaker, she looks like she needs one.

Art by: sidharthchaturvedi.com

Issue 1: We can't shut down the theater group.
Issue 2: Somebody tapped the 4/4 number before it was finished. I'll take it to my place to fix, but the budget's getting low.
Issue 3: Is secret. I'm not telling.

Art by: displate.com/morano

Walking away from Ravnica for today, because how could I look at the weather outside and not do ?

It could maybe use some work.

Art by: marktedin.com/index.html

I get how "let's just get something to eat" is a reasonable Ravnican reaction to learning about the multiverse and planeswalkers. But the pizza they're suggesting doesn't sound... good.

Art by: viktortitov.artstation.com/

Why would you play this partner/neighbor? Well, maybe you need a bicycle coach, or you want to climb but not very much. But the main reason is that apparently you can find him with a fetch land?

Art by: szikaar.artstation.com/

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