We're closed for the night, I've already terminated the servers and restored their holy nature, I've got my things, and the Card Office Captain's still not ready to go?

He's so cancelled.

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When you're a graphic designer, you don't need birds. You don't the employer's tools, which are just losing the next round anyway. You can just create a man!

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Day 2 of MagicFest is all done, and that's about all I've got in me!

I had a lot of fun, but now I need to go lie down and eat like five pizzas.

Am at a casual table in front of the panel stage, if anyone wants a casual commander/oathbreaker.

See, skeledudes, your card type says "intimidation" but then you immediately talk about how caring for someone isn't my responsibility, the LEAST anxiety-inducing thing possible?

At least you have blood.

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If you think giving a signal to start is the cruelest a toddler can be, then you are not ready for parenthood.

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I think I've got a useable Ajani Mentor of Heroes Oathbreaker deck to bring to MagicFest tomorrow, thanks to @newdarkcloud for some discussion that helped.

It's soul sisters, it is full of Ajanis, and the signature spell I went with was Camaraderie, because:

Gab has two known domains at the moment:

gab.com and gab.ai

So admins, go ahead and preemptively de-federate with those domains!

Setting my heart in a letter twice a day seems like a steep additional cost. That does seem pretty mean.

Especially if you're going to put it in the fire.

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Is anyone else actually excited to see color-hate back in M20?

So, if I were to take the bus downtown to go to MagicFest, who might I see there? And when?

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Is there a reason that isn't using the landfall keyword? There's a lot of landfall in it, why are they not calling it that?

Just make as many birds as you want! Just keep them all! You're the one who'll have to mark the mark when NONE of them are witches! No, I don't need to relax, I'm not angry, I'm JUST FINE!

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Hi everyone--we've had a big influx of spammers and trolls lately, so far all on other servers. Please report them when you see them, and make liberal use of the block button.

This current wave is pretty obvious trolling with blatantly racist content. I encourage folks to report the account and not respond. We will suspend these assholes as the reports come in.

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