We're almost caught up to the present troubles on Zendikar, let's hear about the formation of the Gatewatch and the destruction of the unkillable!


We'd already prepared the Memories of Zendikar before the surprise return of weekly Magic story. Don't fret lore junkies, we'll be performing our classic take on the Zendikar rising stories starting next week!

I think whatever's happened to the quote attribution in the flavor text might be peak . We got there.


Art: ian-miller.org

Dammit, Jack, either take care of Nero or call someone else to do it! Don't just stand there reminiscing! Reeeeal helpful!

Art: johncoulthart.com/

We have animals at one of our clients, the Atmospheric Central Artificial Tree, from 10 AM to 10 PM, but if your favorite number isn't ten we can bring them at whatever time you like!

Art: jimmurrayart.blogspot.com

There are many articles. This letter is one of them.

It's great if you need to fight an uncontrolled animal, but you can only send it if you pick the right number.

Art: boros-szikszai.com

Uh, can anyone who knows about chemistry tell me if Na3 is a thing? And if it would eliminate living organisms if you used it in the garbage, or a beauty salon?

Art: boros-szikszai.com


Does anyone on the west coast near the Seattle area know good resources for a teen interested in getting resources and supports regarding being transgender?

support groups
Vocal training
Locations to get information on hormone or surgery
And general information on places that are to be avoided

Boosts appreciated

Inspired by a Blogatog post, I did some basic statistics on planeswalkers and gender.

I included only black-border planeswalkers listed on Scryfall.
Planeswalker deck cards are included, so this is not a good measure of how many sets a character has appeared in.
The Royal Scions counts as half a point each to Will and Rowan.

Count: 30
Mean: 3.75
Median: 2
Mode: 1
Second mode: 2

Count: 25
Mean: 3.86
Median: 3
Mode: 1
Second mode: 3

Count: 2
Mean: 3.5
Median: 3.5

Your team seems really Episcopalian, and there's something called the "Game Rawdger." Is this Cricket? I suspect this is Cricket.

Which is dangerous.

Art: artstation.com/ajmanzanedo

I guess it makes sense that a Zendikari fashion show would be a little more... metaphysically abstract, if you will.

Art: artstation.com/cristib

Sure, I would like another movie. But first we need to talk about how you're just SAYING the translation steps ON the card, now?

Art: artstation.com/bpsola

I guess if you had to write some kind of wacky YA adventure novel about an adorable mouse who pilots people? Like EVA units? I guess? Then "Mospi Bonababy" WOULD be a good name for that character.

Art: artstation.com/bpsola

Why am I paying to use this bathroom at all? I'm suspicious of this Cola Shutter Advice, and I don't think I'm a brave enough Warrior Creature for this. I don't care how cheap it is!

Art: artstation.com/aleksi

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