Don't you listen to people calling you old, or talking about your... flesh hazards... you go Live Large, Angrath!

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I just finished reading The Important Book, and MAN.

Once the spoiler grace period is over, I've got things to say.

Whenever LRR gets around to the WAR nicknames, remind me to suggest "Rio" for Paradise Druid.

"Moving on the floor now (because she doesn't have flying) she's a bird of paradise."

"Remedy Seller. I'm going to the cemetery, to finish, and I need your strongest remedies."

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Don't ever be the guy that starts arguing a flight that your server should compromise tasks, even if you think they should get a life. They're the ones risking a hurt.

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Finally settled on a name for my fan-plane: Onumbrica

And to properly feel dust-bowl era, it needs roads. So that's the land type that would matter in this hypothetical set.

Then you'd have the cycle:
Prairie Turnpike: Land-Plains Road
Shoreline Viaduct: Land-Island Road
Bog Causeway: Land-Swamp Road
Mountain Pass
Wooded Route: Land-Forest Road
Disused Back Road: Land-Wastes Road

If you are travelling to Vrusaka, take a flight, or a airplane flight. You know the old saying about what happens to ships that a beast sees.

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Everyone else: *mourning Gideon*

Me: I wonder what bit of Gideon's outfit Ajani is gonna add to his ensemble?

At this point in the preview season "Despised" is probably the best description for people's feelings about Bolas.

Especially in Oregon.

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Sometimes the flavor to Magic cards spoils the plot of the story, but I feel like the flavor in the War of the Spark cards actually *tells* the story this time.

Hopefully Wizards can keep getting this right in the future.

We never had malversation in previous days. Before we had to draw sorry moments of witchcraft. Before... Naruto.

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You know what card might end up being the sleeper hit of WAR standard?

Jace, Cunning Castaway

With so much proliferate and so much "planeswalkers matter," I can see how a walker that can make copies might just erupt and take over the game too fast to be answered.

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For real, if your employer does this? Don't just deal with the picture. Get a new job.

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(I'm 100% going to be calling Domri Rade "the Bro" from now on, though.)

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