Sorry for link to birdsite, but this was a really long post to create the first time. I’ve been working on a commander deck based on Reincarnated as a Slime. I’d love feedback or suggestions

Some absolutely beautiful custom proxies I received from at AlrersAlk on birdsite. They are even more beautiful in person.

I commissioned art for another of my favorite Orc microfics. Written by bibliovoreorc and illustrated by letsongakemi on bird site.

Alt text:

“I used to think that — if I got stronger, if I got older — things would start to make sense,” Chandra said. “But it doesn’t, does it? None of it does. None of it makes any sense.”

Chandra felt a small touch. She looked down. Nissa was holding her hand.

“This does,” Nissa said.

“I promise not to punch anything, at least until Tarjuk feeds us.”


Playing with the Minecraft RTX beta and trying to learn photoshop? Might as well combine them.

Playing with the Minecraft RTX beta and trying to learn photoshop? Might as well combine them.

@efi TN is a right-wing qanon supporter and terf friendly. Wizards dropped her, but still has art for her in the pipeline through the fall. Sadly the only reasonably priced versions of FoW have her art on them.

@starkatt IKR? The art was designed for a different card, but it worked great here too.

Fuck terfs, cover their art with trans stuff

Replacement art by sheepycutie on Twitter


@KitRedgrave I can only hope so. The 2014 laptop MS issued me had more ram and storage than the 2018 MacBook I got at my current job.

CW sexual abuse in MTG community. birdsite link 

It gets worse. Much worse. I’m sickened just reading this

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CW sexual abuse in MTG community. birdsite link 

Fucking hell. Wake up today to find out another of my all time favorite magic artists (Noah Bradley) is a serial sexual predator. I have hundreds of dollars of his prints, which are going directly into the bin. I don’t give a fuck how talented someone is, I have zero tolerance for abusive fuckwads. Context : ||

D&DMtG, timing 

@ajanionthespot @DialMforMara @SliverQueen @Jmaurer @mrwhim moving it to the other week would impact myths night some of us do every 2nd Wednesday. Next month does have 5 Wednesday’s though so it would alternate after that anyways. I’m sure I could make it work.

The Loregoyfs released a statement today on the recent revelations about racist practices at WotC, demands for change, and support for BLM

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