auction link for trans charity. boosts encouraged 

Magic friends - something real special. An acquaintance of mine is auctioning off some beautiful old school cards all to support trans youth in Florida.

Finally picked up one of the numerous projects I dropped when I started getting real depressed last year. Season 2 of Reincarnated as a Slime just wrapped up, so back to work on my custom all proxy commander deck. First run of print at home foils came out ok, but this process definitely work better for some cards than others.

Got an AP so I could have this beautiful fox without the complete asshole that’s usually on the other side.

One of those good things I got done at least, hung my original Magic art in my office.

Got an artist proof with a repainting of one of my all time favorite magic cards on it. I collected DTs as a kid, I had over 60 of them in my binder when it was stolen with my other cards in college. I’m so excited to have a painted one to be part of my collection today.

I could never afford the original arts, but I was able to get some illustrated APs from my first favorite Magic Artist Anson Maddocks.

Some absolutely beautiful custom proxies I received from at AlrersAlk on birdsite. They are even more beautiful in person.

I commissioned art for another of my favorite Orc microfics. Written by bibliovoreorc and illustrated by letsongakemi on bird site.

Alt text:

“I used to think that — if I got stronger, if I got older — things would start to make sense,” Chandra said. “But it doesn’t, does it? None of it does. None of it makes any sense.”

Chandra felt a small touch. She looked down. Nissa was holding her hand.

“This does,” Nissa said.

Playing with the Minecraft RTX beta and trying to learn photoshop? Might as well combine them.

Fuck terfs, cover their art with trans stuff

Replacement art by sheepycutie on Twitter

How I feel about all my friends at I don’t need the additional security though, I want to be buried in floofs.

Image description:

A large blue and white fox on a small hill overlooking another blue and white fox. The card reads

Whenever you cycle another card, put a +1/+1 counter on Flourishing Fox.
Cycling {1}
“Day 1: These fox pups have really taken to me.
"Day 4: Big. So big. Need additional security.”
—Jonald, mission naturalist, research notes

selfie, ec 

Second 2HG of the weekend with Xavier completed. 3-2-1 overall record. Not our greatest showing, but it was ok.

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